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Wooden Doors in Hyderabad

Our home is our safe haven and what is it that keeps us and our family safe? The first line of defence is the door- a sturdy door is extremely important to keep our loved ones protected. And the choice of most families is a wooden door.

From ages, wooden doors have been the choice to bar the entry of intruders, and since the crime rates are on the rise in most Indian cities like Hyderabad and other metropolis too, wood is now the foremost choice over other materials.

Wooden door manufacturers in Hyderabad has noted that there is an increase in sales during the past few years. In a hot city like Hyderabad, it is important to keep the house insulated, and with high humidity, doors of steel or iron can get easily rusted, but that is not the case for wood.

Wooden door manufacturers in Hyderabad have a vast array of decorative design which is not possible in a plywood door. Wooden doors have longevity, and also help to maintain peace and quiet in a congested city like Hyderabad.

But not all woods can be used to make doors. Hardwoods like teak, which is the most common, sal, deodar, shisham are some of the timbres that are used.

Wood can be varnished and painted in different shades, and be given any kind of colour that you seek. There are several wooden door manufacturers in Hyderabad available, who can custom build a door according to your preference, and that would make your home stand apart from the vast majority.

Wood had lost its place of importance with materials like plywood reigning in the market, but now again there has been a reversal of trend. Visit any carpenter or wooden door manufacturer near you and get yourself a new and safe access to your abode.

Price for Wooden Doors in Hyderabad

Types of Wooden Doors Price
Hinged Wooden Door Rs 450/ Square Feet
Interior Wooden Door Rs 665/ Square Feet
Flush Wooden Door Rs 100/ Square Feet
Membrane Wooden Door Rs 100/ Square Feet
Designer Wooden Door Rs 750/ Square Feet
Natural Teak Wood Door Rs 175/ Square Feet
Solid Wooden Door Rs 450/ square feet