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Moulded Panel Doors by Durian

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In the process of house planning, construction, or even remodeling, as a homeowner, you should make an important decision and that is the material used. When it comes to purchasing or making the door, a wooden door is a popular choice, it is classic and makes your home feel luxurious.

The form of wooden doors in Pune is endless, wooden door companies owing to technological advancement are designing doors that meet your imagination. They are being designed as small as a medicine cabinet door to a Huge Wooden French door for your entrance.

A door plays a vital role in designing the interiors of your home; it adds beauty to your home and also works as a key measure in maintaining security and safety apart from the roof. Wooden door manufacturers in Pune has understood this vital feature of a door and offer different types of door.

A door can be classified in the following ways based on

Location: When designing a door, it is necessary to know the location such as

  • External: acts as an entrance or exit point for a home, hence security and energy efficiency are two important features to consider while buying an external wooden door.
  • Internal: An internal door adds privacy and does the job of separation; hence an internal wooden door design should blend well with the décor of your house
  • Garage Door: a wooden garage door is a unique option, as these days garages are becoming entrance points for the home.

Operation:  Based on the operation of the door shutter, a wooden door can be classified as follows:

  • Folding Door: This is a great option for small homes. A wooden folding door acts a partition between two rooms, which can be easily folded off if you prefer to use it as a single room.
  • Sliding Door: A wooden sliding door is usually preferred in offices, but it is a great option for those homes facing storage of space. Also, some prefer a sliding door for wardrobes, as it allows easy access.

Style: wood is a naturally available material, that can be worked with easy to achieve any design or style, some of them are as follows:

  • Arched: A classic wooden door style, that is still preferred, this type of door looks stylish and astonishing. A wooden arched door is important to the structure as they give support and cover gaps.
  • French door: A wooden French door functions as a window; it is an amazing way to let more light into your house. A French door is a simple way to expand your living space.
  • Glass panel Door: A wooden door with glass is an excellent form of insulation; they come with good resistance to humidity and moisture. One main advantage of a wooden door with glass is that they offer a vintage look to your home, office, or apartment.

Any carpenter can craft a wooden door, but if you are looking to enhance the beauty of your home and the functionality of the door, then it is advisable to hire a professional who can come up with an exceptional design by understanding the needs and nature of the wooden door. One can buy wooden doors online as well, thanks to the technological advancement that delivers the products to your home step.

Wooden Doors Pune Price List

Types of Wooden Doors Price
Hinged Laminate Wooden Door Rs 157/ Square Feet
Polished Exterior Wooden Door Rs 155/ Square Feet
Brown Traditional Wooden Door Rs 2,100/ Square Feet
Antic Wooden Door Rs 6,600/ Square Feet
Wardrobe wooden doors Rs 1,600/ Square Feet
Brown Wooden Door Rs 166/ Square Feet
Designer Wooden Door Rs 406/ Square Feet