Wooden Doors in Lucknow

Why are Wooden Doors Gaining Popularity?

You may be surprised to learn that wooden doors have been in existence from early times as presented by the painting in certain tombs of Egyptian. The paintings showcase a single or double wooden door made up of a single piece. A door was once believed to be a literal way to the afterlife. A wooden door was in fact framed with the help of stiles and rails in regions other than Egypt.

Materials like steel, PVC, and fibre may be preferred over wood for making a door as they are easy to install and cheap. But wooden doors are the first choice; there is a particular preference for wooden doors in Lucknow because it adds color, style, and character to your dream home.

Reasons for Preferring Wood

The reasons for buying a wooden door is endless, these days wooden door manufactures in Lucknow and various other cities are offering services such as readymade wooden door, custom- made a door in a range of styles that is pat for your home and lifestyle. Three fundamental reasons that make the wooden door the best choice for your home are as follows:

Maintenance: Usually homeowner prefers other material for making a door, as they consider that maintaining a wooden door is not cost-effective. A wooden front door does pose a problem in maintenance as they are highly exposed, but one can easily overcome this by painting the door.

Customizable:  Wooden door style is versatile, the main reason being the unique property of the wood that can be amended to support any form of craving and designs. A wooden door can be custom- made to fit even an untraditional space or opening. They can be made small or extravagant based on resource and space available.

The prize: The rate of the wooden door varies based on the type of timber and design. A wooden door may be costly when compared to other material but the amount of security and durability that a solid wood door offers makes it cost- effective than all other materials. These days a variety of doors are available in the market based on the location and usage of the door such as a garage wooden door, external wooden doors, and internal wooden door just to name a few.

Aesthetics:  The style of the wooden door may change with time such as wooden French door to wooden folding door. Wooden front door and the wooden double door is preferable as the ensure protection to your home by adding locks and latches.

Wooden Doors Lucknow Price List

Types of Wooden Doors Price
Brown Standard Wooden Door Rs 160/Square Feet
NP Flush Wooden Door Rs 83/Square Feet
Designer Wooden Door Rs 20,000/Piece
Wood Wooden Door Rs 650/Square Feet
Digital Printed Wooden Door Rs 200/Square Meter
Wood Designer Door, Thickness: 30mm Rs 135/Square Feet
Teak Wood Door Rs 16,000/Unit