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Wooden Doors in Navi Mumbai

Before you purchase any material, consider the sustainability, pros and Cons of using it in your house. Wood is considered as the best material available in making doors and windows. Wooden door manufacturers in Navi Mumbai offer flexibility in the design along with the rich look.

A wooden door in Navi Mumbai can be custom made to meet your requirement. Wooden door design comes in a variety forms such as a wooden double door, wooden sliding door, wooden main door, wooden grill door, etc. In the process of wooden door design for a home consider the below handy guide to help you in making a decision.

Is it protected in the rain?

A wooden door required less maintenance cost. Main entrance wooden door design must include roof projection of at least half the height; this helps in the wooden door being effective and protecting. 

How hot or cold will a wooden door get?

The wooden door is a bad conductor of heat, which helps in keeping the temperature of the house warm during winter and cold during summer. However, without proper care, wooden door loses their look. A painted or clear coated door needs to be recoated and painted once in three years and five years respectively.

Are wooden door good insulators?

One important property if the wooden door is its insulation, they can effectively keep most sounds out in the comparison of other materials. Because of the high R-values, wooden doors are not affected by temperature changes.

Wooden Doors Navi Mumbai Price List

Types of Wooden Doors Price
Wooden Door Rs 1,100/ Square Feet
Rectangular Wooden Door Rs 10,500/ Piece
Hinged Polished Wooden Door Rs 3,700/ Square Feet
Designer Wooden Door Rs 2,100/ Piece
Wood Coated Modern Wooden Door Rs 14,500/ Piece
Standard Wood Wooden Door Rs 85/ Square Feet
Wood Entrance Wooden Door Rs 12,500/ Piece