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Wooden Doors in Chennai

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new wooden door for a home that is under construction or trying to upgrade to a wooden door in an existing home, one needs to invest in a door that is durable and has high resistance to a number of elements and known for efficiency. 

The wooden door should look practical and pretty, as they create the first impression among visitors. The best part being that wooden door in Chennai is available in various ranges and styles that add a pop of colour and character to your home.

Wooden Door Pricing and Style

The wooden door manufacturers in Chennai and various other cities; custom designs them to match your preference and lifestyle. Wood is the most versatile material available that can be easily designed to fit into any given space. A wooden door style varies based on usage and requirement such as a wooden sliding door, which is suitable in a home facing space constraints. Before deciding on the best wooden door design considers the wood species you want as it determines the price, performance, and efficiency of a wooden door.

Features of a wooden door

To buy wooden doors consider the below-mentioned features

Material Matters

While buying a door the most important factor to consider is material, as nobody would want to spend money to replace a door again and again. Wood is the common material preferred as they have visual appeal. Beauty and traditional look are two strong suits of a wooden door. Simple wooden door design is all you need to increase your home or office space value. Natural and custom woods come in oak, cherry, mahogany, Douglas fir, and pine. Most of the wood has a high durability rate and excellent resistance towards elements like water, fire, termites, and decay.

Buying Smart

While purchasing a wooden door give equal importance to its components such as wooden door frame, hinges, screw holding capacity, etc. Pick a wooden door company that manufactures all parts of a door; this will save time and money. Sometimes it may so happen that the parts assembled by a distributor do not mate perfectly, so check this before buying one.


Cost is a single factor, yet has a significant impact. Always buy a wooden door that is not only pretty and durable but also one that comes within your budget. Having a wooden door with all the feature you want within your budget is the best way to go about it. A high-quality wooden door is mostly made up of moisture resistance that requires maintenance whereas composite wooden door is made of low- maintenance material that does not split, rot or crack.


It is essential to buy a quality and budget-friendly door, yet this does not mean you need to compromise with the style. You may need a double wooden door or a sliding wooden door or a wooden door with glass to go with your décor. Today wooden door company offers to custom design your door within the budget.


Depending on the place you live, security matters. Investing in a solid wooden door will not keep the intruders out, one needs to invest in good quality of other components attached with it such as screws, hinges (which should be placed properly), knobs, etc. to ensure the safety of your home.

Installation and ease of maintenance

Even a basic wooden door can be heavy and require help in installation. One cannot install a wooden door by himself unless he is an experienced carpenter. Further, you need help to move and transport a wooden door. It is suggested to opt for a wooden door company that offers this service or at least provides a reference.

Picking the right wooden door will pay off in terms of smoother functioning, less maintenance, and added energy saving. 

Wooden Doors Chennai Price List

Types of Wooden Doors Price
Solid Wooden Door Rs 700/ Square Feet
Designer Wooden Door Rs 750/ Square Feet
Exterior Brown Wooden Door Rs 6,000/ Piece
Hinged Exterior Wooden Door Rs 15,000/ Unit
Empires CMD-111 Wooden Door Rs 650/ Square Feet
Exterior Polished Wooden Door Rs 16,000/ Piece
Wood Designer Wooden Door Rs 30,500/ Piece