Wooden Doors in Mumbai

An Insight into Wooden Door Purchase

The doors are the visible part of your house; it requires careful attention on your part when it comes to buying a wooden door. A solid wooden door will add durability, privacy between rooms and also a character. Doors are mandatory for security and also to let the sunlight in when we need, doors can be made in various materials, but the wooden door in Mumbai is highly common because of its versatile nature and aesthetic appeal.

Wooden Door from a Designers View:

Designers prefer wooden doors; they add a bold statement to your home. The warmth a wooden door design offer makes a good first impression among the visitors. These days understanding the benefits of solid wood doors is the key for wooden door manufactures in Mumbai, as this enables them to design a door that meets your lifestyle choices. They can be used as an accent piece or to bring you the contemporary design of your home. The styles and look at a wooden door supplier offers is virtually endless.

Tips for buying Wooden House Door


Before visiting a store do adequate research on wooden door online, this will save time and also give a picture on various materials used in manufacturing a wooden door. In addition to this research helps you in locating a local retailer that makes the wooden door you are looking for. 


While picking the same size door is not sufficient in case of remoulding projects, look for those companies that offer free installation or a reference. Unless you are a skilled carpenter, you require a profession in installing a wooden door.

Quality wooden door

It takes a solid wood door of high quality to keep the burglaries out of your house. Kick in is the most common method used in opening up a door, but adding beefed – up locks and strike plates increase the strength of a door to a great extent.

Things to consider while picking the right wooden door

A wooden patio door or wooden outer door adds a grand look to your house and the warmth the natural wood offers is welcoming. A door matter a lot to brighten your home and make it comfortable to live in, hence consider the following five elements before making a purchase.


  1. Lifestyle:The foremost reason to think about before making a purchase is your lifestyle such as people living in the house, the safety measures in the locality, the temperature where you live in, a view that you’re house offers and other factors that affect your lifestyle.

  2. Budget: The essential feature is budget, unless you are sure on make and model, estimating a total cost of installing a door in tough, opting for an in-house consultation will help in getting a complete picture on budget.

  3. Style: Wooden doors come in many styles such as French, sliding, hinged, etc. Choose one based on where you want to install it and the space available.

  4. Personalise: Many wooden door company offers to personalise a door to add beauty and performance. Trying out different stains and finishes, checking out the samples will give you a better idea on the subject.

Wooden Door Mumbai Price List

Types of Wooden Doors Price
Wooden Door Rs 400/Square Feet
Polished Designer Wooden Doors Rs 6,500/Piece
Touchwood Wood Wooden Doors Rs 140/Square Feet
Hinged Polished Wooden Door Rs 3,500/Square Feet
Designer Wooden Door Rs 2,000/Piece
Polished Hinged Contemporary Wooden Door Rs 300/Square Feet
Designer Wooden Door Rs 1,000/Square Feet