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Wooden Doors

Different Forms of Wooden Doors

When you start with the project of designing the interiors of your house, you will come across a variety of doors to pick from. The wooden door creates an ideal appearance and still sustain its functionality. A large type of wooden door in Howrah and all other places are available in Market. These wooden doors vary based on purpose, design and usage.

The wooden door manufacturers in Howrah facilitates easy selection of wooden door design for the homeowners. Few manufacturers offer wooden door samples, which helps in deciding the best wooden door design. Range of doors types which can either be made or readily available are as follows:

Wooden Main door:

Main door manufacturers, and homeowners prefer wood for main doors. The main advantage for this has been the availability of the material in the market and also the ease with which it can be custom designed by the carpenters. Using good timber ensures that they offer security and insulation for your home.

Wooden Door with Glass panel:

This type of doors can be used inside of the house. It provides a vintage look to your home and also looks beautiful naturally, though they come with cons such as cost and cleaning, yet their main advantage is effective insulation. They have excellent resistance and durability against humidity.

Wooden Sliding Door:

These types of doors are popular these days and can be found in contemporary homes; they are used to extend room ambience and provide an unobstructed view. It is perfect in those homes which face space constraints, as they add privacy yet do not take up much space.

Wooden Grill Door:

Grill as such is used to ensure home protection, which is the primary concern of homeowners. A grill door with wood frame provides this feature along with supporting its weight effectively and being good insulation.

Wooden Double door:

Wooden double door has become quite trendy for new homes, not only do they look fancy but let’s sunlight in when you want.

The price of the above wooden door varies based on material and pattern used by the wooden door supplier.

Wooden Doors Price List

Types of Wooden Doors Price
Solid Wooden panel Door Rs 280/Square Feet
Wood Interior And Exterior Decorative Wooden Door Rs 165/Square Feet
Fancy Wooden Doors Rs 310/Square Fee
Hinged Wooden Door Rs 450/Square Feet
Interior Wooden Door for Residential, Commercial Rs 11,500/Piece
Brown Wooden Door Rs 4,000/Piece
Modern Wooden Door Rs 130/Square Feet