6 Different Types of LED Downlights

By: | September 30 , 2022
types of LED Downlights

What is a Downlight?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Downlight is a light fixture that comes with an easy installation process and can be fitted into any blank surface on the ceiling. These are fantastic lighting discoveries with energy-saving capability that can be used in a wide array of applications. These emit light that is either in the below direction with a narrow and accurate beam.

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Features of Downlight

They are used in a very different manner to suit different lighting requirements, with the help of accent lighting, general lighting, and task lighting. These lights are best suited for retail stores, art galleries, theatres, showrooms, malls, and more.

They are one versatile option and can create different ambiance as per requirement. One may confuse this category of lights with the spotlight as they look the same. However, there is an immense difference between the two.

The former is installed to the ceiling, whereas the spotlight is fixed on a wall or ceiling as per requirement. The former category shines vertically downwards, whereas the spotlight is the directional light fixture that converges to a small area and plays the role of converting it into a spot.

Types of Downlight

There are many varieties or types of downlight globes. Depending on your requirement or the make of the already fitted light, the following options can be considered for a better experience.

  • MR16 –This is the most common category and is used very commonly in most of the places. They are also known as GU5.3 bulbs and are low voltage ubiquitous downlights and standard light fixtures used in all homes. Earlier, these fittings had a halogen bulb connected to them that ran on approximately 50 W or 35 W power. However, they use a transformer alongside.
  • GU10 LED – GU10 bulbs are connected to the primary voltage, but unlike GU5.3 bulbs, they do not require transformers. They can be installed with the twist and push action. They are used in spotlights, range hoods, recessed fittings, or track lighting systems.
  •  MR11 – MR11 OR G4 bulbs come as a minor version of the MR16 ones. These are also known to be the bi-pin low voltage downlights. This category is mostly used for kitchen or cabinet making.
  • G4 and G9 Globes- The G9 Globes consume the mains voltage of 240V. All these bulbs are in compact capsule form factors commonly seen in some of the fittings in this category.
  • AR111 – AR111 or G53 bulbs are comparatively more extensive and are often called the 12V spotlights. These are mostly used in retail shop fronts, hotels, and few residencies also. This category of lights also has a GU10 connector. Thus before making the replacement, it will be wise to test the socket before using it.
  • E27 Bulbs- The fitting contains a reflector globe with a standard Edison Screw base. The fittings are often used as an R80 or the same kind of bulbs.
  • PL lamps- The large diameter is used in commercial buildings.

Where to Buy Downlights?

By now, you are aware that this particular category of light has varied types, and then there are different brands making them. Thus selecting the best option for your space can be difficult, and even finding a place that stocks all the possibilities is difficult. We at Mccoymart.com have the best option from this category.

Here you can find a wide array of collection of lights and a comparative analysis done for you so that selecting the best downlight becomes easier. We are aware that there are many low-quality downlight flickers due to poor design, but we have only the best options uploaded on the website from the best manufacturers. They have a proven track record in the same industry.

Best Downlight Companies:

Several renowned companies are making the category of the appliance. A few of the best ones are as follows:

Phillips – Phillips is a world-renowned brand making various electrical and electronic appliances, including this category. They make the best and the most reliable category of the type.

Havells – Havells being another pioneer in the field of manufacturing the type of fixture. The quality of the product made is top-notch and reliable.

Syska – for the best quality at the most competitive rates, the company has some of the best options.

LED Downlight Buying Guide:

Before buying the LED downlight for professional or home use, make sure that it suits your requirement. The product chosen will help you set the dream project of your house or any space into the final masterpiece, and thus you cannot go wrong with it.

The market is full of options for this light; thus, before selecting the one that suits you to consider the following:

Ideal use

Choose an option that suits your exact requirement and if it’s meant for the designated space or not. There are different options for different types of spaces and requirements, thus choosing your requirement. However, there are options available even for multipurpose, and thus, depending on your preference, select one.


This is crucial as it is a necessity will be a highly used essential. You will need it multiple times a day or even 24/7, selecting an option that doesn’t pinch your pocket.


The material and voltage used to make the light should be of excellent quality and flicker proof. It is difficult to get a flicker proof option, but then if the quality is good, upgrading to an LED dimmer or LED transformer can solve flicker.

Final Takeaway

Before ending the article, it is essential to understand that the above-discussed Downlights are the best available market. Thus pick up the option for yourself and use it to create your dream projects and highlight them just in no time.

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