8 Space Saving Pantry Solutions for Small Kitchen

By: | September 28 , 2022
space saving pantry

There are various ways one can increase storage space in our kitchens viz a viz pantries.
Storage is a problem in most of our home kitchens. So a neatly stacked and maybe stuffed but organized kitchen with ample, well stored stuff in all nooks and crannies, can be a great relief when you want a warm and welcoming feel when you or your maid go in there to cook your happy meal for the family. Here are a few pantry solutions you might want to look into.

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  1. Hang a pegboard: On one of your walls you could paint a deep blue or a crimson red. Here you could put in hooks on which you could hang many of your pots, pans, woks and knives maybe. This would save many shelves for you where you could maybe put in your spices and dals and pottery. You could also put hanging shelves where mugs and glasses can stand solid.
  2. Downsize your furniture: Instead of the furniture coming to your kitchen let the kitchen come to your tables and chairs. Yes! Bring in smaller chairs, low tables and handy stools near your little island or in a corner where you want a resting chair. This will give you more space for your foodstuff and the kitchen won`t look cluttered.
  3. You could have a nesting table. This slides under the countertop and can be sidled out at will . This will also save a lot of space where your foodstuff can be stored.
  4. Add shelving under your island. drawers and shelves can be nestling under your island countertop. Many spoons, knives, forks, baking equipment can be shoveled in here and jams and jellies too.
  5. You could store or fit in stuff along your window panes. You could, above the window hang pegs for pots and pans or pretty cups etc. You could also stag in a few air purifying plants in pots to give an angelic feel to your kitchen and add to its ambience.
  6. You could use some lobby space between your living room and the kitchen to install a large cupboard or a long row of shelves or a
  7. stack of drawers with good depth. These could be a great storehouse for loads of your kitchen stuff and save you a lot of clutter.Use the sides of your cupboard or countertops to create small shelves where an amazing wad of knives, forks or tea towels can be hung.
  8. Add free standing shelves with oodles of space which can be handy for dumping in plates, knives, `katoris` and bowls which would otherwise take cabinet space.

So here was a brief roundup to a heavenly kitchen. If you are a cooking fanatic and have a huge amount of baking and cooking to do to feed your hungry family or hone your passion for cake baking and are maybe on your way to becoming the round the corner baker or chef, to feed the hungry millions around you, these handy solutions might enthuse your culinary appetite and take you further around the world in utter bliss…….

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