A Guide to Construction Materials That Every Builder Should Know!

By: | September 05 , 2022
Construction Materials

Living in the house, going by the roads, or walking on the bridge, each of them is a result of a form of construction and is standing on the construction materials that were used to build them.

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Without these materials, we wouldn’t have marveled at the various skyscrapers and towering buildings, some of which are no less than a wonder in the world of architecture and construction.

However, just like the outlooks and designs of the constructed objects have evolved. Similarly, the various construction materials in the market have widened.

One such component which usually remains in hindsight, but acts as a major component in construction material is the usage of adhesives and additives while constructing any project.

So, if you’re planning to build your house, are a builder, or merely an enthusiast in everything concrete, this detailed article is sure to give you insights on the different materials and components required to construct a space.

Read on!

What are the Types of Adhesives That You Can Use?

    1. Glues

Glues – It is certainly not the type of glue that you use to paste pictures in your scrapbook. These adhesive glues are widely used in construction to glue down massive objects to the surfaces.

The usage of glues is varied, it can be used for sticking furniture such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. The most widely used adhesive glue is contact cement, which can even stick leather and metal objects too.

    1. Sealants

Sealants – If you are wondering how you can use sealants, then let us tell you that you can use it both for filling the voids in the low-strength putties and as well as in higher strength properties.

These sealants are majorly used for creating a strong bonding and fastening everything together. The best part about the adhesive is that you can control the type of bonding you want and mix it according to the requirements you have while building your site.

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    1. Surface Protecting Additives

Surface Protecting Additives – These additives are perfect for grouting of tiles, walls, edges, and marble joints. Because of its high bonding strengths, you can use various surface protecting additives to seal joints and cracks on the surface.

Many of these additives have excellent water-repelling properties, making them an excellent fit to be used for sealing swimming pools and water tank joints too.

    1. Spray Paints

Spray Paints: Though it does not belong to the family of adhesives, it’s one of the most underrated components in the construction world. You can use spray paints to almost spruce up and make any material more alluring. Quite often these sprays are used on furniture and metals and can brighten up any space.

Advantages of Using Additives in Construction:

While all the construction materials are equally important, the additives play a significant role in construction development.

Without the additives, your building’s interiors will remain incomplete, and decorating it would be nearly impossible. Let’s learn some benefits and understand the role of additives when building and creating structures.

  • Concretes usually absorb a lot of water from the walls, but using a good additive would help you reduce the water consumption, keep your walls safe, making them durable.
  • Often, your walls tend to experience a lot of water bleed through, which results in the puffiness of the concrete, and even leads to worsening of the wall paints. But using a good quality additive helps to build a double coating on the wall surface, and restrict the walls from bleeding.
  • If you use a low-quality additive and invest in expensive wall paints, your money might go in vain because the cheap additive will not be durable in the long run and will eventually lead to wear and tear.
  • Additives create a stronghold on the constructed area and do not allow the entry of air, and thus cuts off the scopes of shrinkage of the wall.
  • The problem with the newly constructed building is that they tend to heat up too much and make it impossible to live in. But if you use a good quality additive, it can restrict the temperature absorption.
  • Often concrete does not last long and comes up as a major hurdle and affects your investments. But if you use an additive of higher quality, it can last longer and be sustainable.
  • The frosts in colder countries can be tormenting. However, applying an additive that is great in quality can help you restrict the frost and boost to be an excellent thermal stimulator.

Pricing –

We all know how costly an affair is to get construction materials, as each comes with a variety of price points and can often burn a hole in the pocket.

At McCoyMart, we understand the importance of these assets and allow for bulk order placements at a reasonable price point.

The best part about buying products from us is that we do not claim any hidden charges and above all, offer only quality materials for our customers.


Now that you know everything about construction materials, it is time to check them out at our website and build the site of your dreams!

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