Types of natural stone tiles

By: | November 04 , 2019

Natural Stone Tiles have been used since and are very strong and sturdy materials. Once fixed they need not be replaced for a lifetime. Several natural stones have been converted into floor tiles for interiors and exterior use because of their aesthetics, strength and durability. The natural stones that have been converted into tiles are –

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  • Marble –
    • Marble is a very popular tile and is primarily used for the interiors. They can be used as flooring or wall tiles. The thickness of marble slabs is reduced so that they can be converted into tiles. They are available in pre polished state or they can be polished after laying of the tiles.
  • Granite-
    • Granite is a very thick, impervious and strong material. It finds its use primarily in kitchen counter tops and basin counters. Granite can also be converted into tiles and used in lift fascia, bathrooms and lift lobbies.
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  • Slate and Sandstone –
    • These are tiles used primarily for outdoor applications like boundary walls, building exteriors, landscaped outdoor areas, highlighter walls, pathways and roofing. The tiles are very strong, rough textured and rugged tiles. These tiles give a very natural and earthy look.
  • Onyx and Travertine –
    • These Porcelain tiles could be of polished, semi-
    • Onyx and Travertine are very premium and expensive stones. They are decorative in purpose and prone to cracking. Resins are used to make the tile strong and durable. They find their applications in bars, highlighter walls, bathroom walls and the interiors of high end residences etc. Onyx can be lit from behind to give a very calm and soothing effect.

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