Advantages & Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen

By: | May 24 , 2021
Advantages and disadvantages of Modular kitchen

Modular kitchens are the in-thing. Everyone wants one. You would like one too. Just get loaded with some money if you want this factory made bonanza. Save up. However you do it if you start dreaming over it all night. It is basically a kitchen with prefabricated modules which together create a smart, sleek elegantine place for you. Mostly handled by professionals. But before you go for it look at a few pros and cons. Here goes.

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Advantages of Modular Kitchen

  1. Much more storage area. Designed for your convenience storage space need is judged and well-designed units with ample space intelligently is created in all nooks and crannies for your benefit. More storage means more food. More variety in cooking. More stuff out of the way. Your countertop all clear and uncluttered, more mobility, more ease of work.
  2. The use of straight line cuts gives a minimalistic yet a very, very sleek, polished, professional, elegant look making you feel organized and helps you work in a calmer, unhassled sort of way. Could even make yo feel like a professional in your home with your own little `office` with a modern twang.
  3. It makes working convenient, well organized with compartmentalized storage space and well designed, thought out spaces for cooking, washing, storage and for electrical appliances and working becomes easier.
  4. You get great options in finishes, textures, colors, patterns to make your Kitchen gel with your design theme for the house.
  5. Cabinets are prefabricated, construction is quick and error is minimal. Individual modules can be rehashed, repaired and put back. The rest of your kitchen goes on functioning smoothly.
  6. Maintenance is smooth and easy needing less effort.
  7. They come with a combination of tall units, wall storage, cabinets, drawers, floor storage cabinets or shelves dedicated to electrical appliances.
  8. It is flexible enough to be moved from one place to another if you shift house. It gets easily assembled.
  9. It is long lasting, durable in nature. There is no need to depend a carpenters whims and fancies and arbid rates and priciness because they have loads to do. Factory work is more precise and trustworthy.
  10. It gives an uncluttered look by opening space as they come with apecific systems such as built in bottle racks, plate holders, cutlery compartments, garbage holders, wire trays for vegetables. They even have specific systems like carousels or lazy Susan attachments that make corner cabinets more successful.
  11. Most conventional cabinets are made of wood, handicapping them with wood borers or termites. Most modular kitchen components are made of high quality plywood which even resists boiling water and undergo treatment to make them handle moisture better. Some manufacturers may use MDF or particle board instead of plywood though good manufacturers will use plywood. They may even line cabinets with aluminum, especially in water prone areas such as sink cabinets making them more durable but plywood for countertops is a no! no! One must use granite or marble or soapstone or any other such strong water proof material. Other options are steel, WPC board or premium quality plywood with PVC coating. You need only about 4-6 weeks to install. The carpenter would take much longer.

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Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen

  1. It is not good for rough use. For then it would need lots of repairs.
  2. Ineffective local contractors may not be able to do repairs. So you’ve got to haul in more experienced people like reliable professionals. The clean procedure is although uncomplicated but needs to be done regularly for a stable and clean look and fresher appearance of the kitchen cabinets.
  3. Since third party constructors make your module there is no scope for last minute adjustments.
  4. Designs and patterns for modular kitchens are increasing all the time in leaks and bounds. You have to upgrading your kitchen looks and it can be called old and old fashioned in a few years’ time. The replacements are costly.

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So here we gave you a rough idea of how modular kitchens can be an unknown ideal or a conglomerated mess. So it has its own pros and cons so peruse over this information before you go out there searching for your ideal modular kitchen.

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