Epoxy Grout vs. Cement Grout

By: | September 30 , 2022
Epoxy Cement vs Cement Grout
Epoxy Cement vs Cement Grout

Grouting is widely done in tiles so as to give the flooring a very clean and interesting look. Epoxy grout and cement grout are widely used in the grouting of tiles.

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Difference Between Epoxy Grout and Cement Grout

The difference between Epoxy Grout and Cement Grout are –

  • Epoxy Grout is made of epoxy resins and filler materials. Cement Grout is a cementitious powdered mix.
  • Epoxy Grout is waterproof while Cement grout is not waterproof.
  • Epoxy grout gives a very shiny and plastic look. Cement Grout looks very natural when matched with the tile.
  • Epoxy grout takes longer time to set within the tiles in comparison to cement based grout.
  • Epoxy grout is easy to clean and maintain as it is stain resistant. Cement grout has the tendency of attracting dirt, grease and stains hence it needs regular cleaning.
  • Epoxy grout is highly durable, chemical resistant while cement grout is not.
  • Epoxy grout is stronger than cement grout. In many cases the epoxy grout might turn out to be stronger than the tile itself.
  • Epoxy grout is more expensive than Cement Grout.

Hence Epoxy Grout is a much more preferred grout than Cement Grout.

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