Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom

By: | September 28 , 2022
Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom
Bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. It’s a zone we come back to, after a hard day’s work to finally unwind, put our feet up, relax, sleep and recuperate our energies. Hence its vital to keep certain factors in mind to create restful and calm energies in your bedroom, so that you can wake up fresh and energized and be able to take on the world once again.
Vastu advises you to avoid dark colours such as Red, Orange, Maroon and Magenta in the bedroom. Such strong fire tones create active energies and are not conducive to a good night’s sleep. If a couple is having way too many fights and arguments, this again could be a reason. A young child with too much energy should also not be occupying a room with these fire tones. Too much blue in the bedroom can make one sleepy and lethargic. Blue also activates the water element and hence makes the energy of the room too fluid to be restful. People who generally sleep in bedrooms that have very bright or dark colours such as Red, Blue or Black find it difficult to bring a balance to their lives. They either become way too restless or way too lethargic. Hence its vital to stick to soft and pastel colour tones for this zone.


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Be careful about the kind of wall paper or wall art that you use in the bedroom. Anything which is too abstract or too sharp with too many arrow like images should definitely be avoided. For this reason, triangular prints should stay out of the bedroom zone.

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White, Ivory, Earthy tones, Pastel greens are some of the colour tones one can opt for. Ceiling should ideally be white. Dark coloured ceilings or exposed overhead beams start to weigh down upon the occupants of the room, causing tensions and anxiety.

For couples, bed plays an important role in creating romance energies. Use soft and light coloured bedsheets. Ensure that you use a single mattress on your bed as against two separate mattresses as this can cause a rift between the couple. Try and opt for a high back headrest. This lends support to a person. According to vastu, a bed with no headrest is not advisable at all. Beds should always be made of solid wood for creating the best kind of energies. Ideally one shouldn’t have a bedbox at all and if you must have one for lack of storage space, keep it uncluttered and ensure that only clothing and linen is stored in there. Shoes and utensils should totally stay out of the bed box. Beds made of iron are not recommended at all, specially wrought iron. They bring no support to the person who sleeps in that bed.




For children, a lot of times I have seen their rooms filled with soft toys. If you do like to decorate your children’s room with toys and games, ensure that they are neatly placed and are cleaned and washed at regular intervals. Soft toys tend to attract a lot of dust that turns to stagnant energy, causing ill health and stagnation. That’s the same reason why rugs and carpets need to be lifted and thoroughly cleaned every now and then else they cause illness energies into the space. Vastu dictates that any kind of representation of wild animals should also stay out of the bedroom. In many homes, I have seen Tigers and Lions displayed as toys in children’s rooms. Without realizing we create energies that are not conducive to a sound sleep. In fact a lot of times, children end up suffering from bad dreams. Bunk beds and water beds should also be avoided. Art and décor in the bedroom should always be pleasing, soft and mellow.




Lastly, ensure that plants or any water bodies stay out of the bedroom. The energy they bring is too yang and goes against the basic ethics of a bedroom – relaxation and calm!

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