Vastu Shastra Tips for House Entrance

By: | July 26 , 2022
Vastu shastra is an important part of our culture and it’s been a part of it for ages, even if you don’t believe in it you can feel it when you enter someone’s home and feel welcomed and blessed, yes that might just be the magic of Vastu shastra, it has been implemented by our ancestors, Yes! They knew a lot. Those old masters of this country.
The house becomes magical. A harmonious blend of energies to make you feel safe and secure in your first, second, or “now” home, which you have culled out of your sweat and grime and stone and cement.
Your haven, your nest, your rejuvenating space.
Beginning at the beginning. Your entrance to the house. What does it say?
The main door is given a lot of importance in Vastu. This is the place from where positive or negative energies will walk into your house. So take the following precautions and steps and you have it made. Family tussles and work going bad could be a result of the wrong kinds of energies plastering onto you and then the house….One could avoid this.

Main or Entrance Door Vastu – Effect of Directions

diagram vastu shastra

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If you want the house entrance door to the North wall of the home keep it a little to the North-Eastern section of the wall. Locate a window in the Northeastern corner. This is to allow the sun and air to come to the home from the East


If in the South:- If the location of the entrance door is on the South wall keep the door towards the South-east. This is good. Then also have another door to the North. This is a must.


If in the East definitely keep it towards the North-East part of the wall. West
The North-Western half of the West wall is more suitable for the main entrance as spoken by Vastu. Look at the diagram given below for the placements of the doors in the four mentioned directions.

It gives a warm welcome so Vastu says never have the main gate and the entrance on the same line or direction.

main gate

That invites all the negative energy to walk in straight with you. Direct flow of energy will be prevented.

Then, the door mat must be there. It doesn’t just wipe off the dust on your shoes or slippers as you swipe on it but absorbs all the negative energies which might walk in with you.

Another piece of advice. The surroundings leading to the entrance must be pleasant, harmonious, greened, and brightened with sweet-smelling flowers, creepers, and shrubs. Blue, red, gold. Colors splashed off your easel onto the ground.

main door gate

Making you feel happy as you come in and when you leave for the visit to the vast world.

If steps lead to your house, the number should be odd. The door must be way above the approach way or pathway.

Avoid shadows on the door.

name plate door

Put a discrete nameplate. This invites wealth, prosperity, and good health in your home.

Another thing they mention is to avoid corners. The doorway should not be in a corner and the corners must be further down on both sides.

entrance door

Wood is considered the best material for the entrance door. Strong, sturdy, not cracked, not damaged. It is better to have a split door than a single sheet. It is more welcoming and more gently closes out someone and doesn’t seem rude. Make the door look beautiful and well-lit. This stop dark energies from coming there.

Have a threshold. This prevents loss of wealth.

clean door

Oh my God! They knew so much. The entrance should be clean and clear. This brings in positivity.

walk door

There. I said it all. Take heed. Keep these tips in mind when you walk in the door of your new home or renovate your old home. Summing it up.

Additional Vastu Tips for Main or Entrance Door: What to Not have

1.  Avoid entrances that are slanting, or they are sliding or those that are circular opening entrances.
2.  Also Avoid having your main door facing another home’s main entrance.
3.  Also make sure that the main door does not directly face a compound wall.
4.  There must be no underground tank, septic tank, etc. under a home’s main door.
5.  Make sure there are no shoes kept in front of the main entrance, they must be kept to one side.
6.  Try not to place a dust bin near the main entrance.
7.  Avoid closing main doors which run automatically.
8.  Try not to have an intersecting road near the entrance.
9.  The door must never be at the center of the wall.
10.  Try not to have a black door. This might not bring in very good energies.

Vastu Tips for Main or Entrance Door: What to Do

1.  Your main door must be the largest door of the house.
2. A door with two shutters opening towards the inside and which goes clockwise is a wise decision.
3.  The quality of wood used must be good.
4.  Make sure that the main door is as noise-free as possible while opening or closing the door.
5.  There should be a nice design on the door. It should not be dull or boring.
6.  The entrance should be at least a foot away from any corner.
7.  You must make sure that the total number of doors and windows in your house is even (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.)in number and should not end with 0 (such as 10, 20, 30, etc.)
So go the Vastu way if you want. It could give you a lending hand in keeping your life and work and family as harmonious as can be.

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