8 Striking Color Combination Ideas for your Kitchen

By: | September 17 , 2021
Color Combination Ideas for your Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen is desired to be elegantly appealing in terms of its color combination. However, color combination in modern times is much evolved than what it used to be a few years past. The idea behind the kitchen color combination in modern times is to make it in concurrence with the design. If you, too, are busy with permutation and combination of kitchen colors, the following abstracts can indeed be useful.

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    1. The perfect combination of light blue with grey

      This can be a brilliant combination of shades if your furniture flaunts traditional colors. Specifically, it works wonderfully for classical brown furniture. If you want the combination doesn’t make the kitchen interior look too exaggerated, this would be the best recommendation. In accordance with the size of the kitchen and the furniture, the intensity and proportion can be decided. Anyway, in most occasions, the wall shades are kept grey.

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  • Midwestern blue and snow white

    This is another classic combination for kitchen paint colors. The distinguishing part about the combination is that it works for all sizes of the kitchens. Here the wall color is obviously preferred to be white. As far as the furniture is concerned, both blue and white look good. If the furniture consumes a maximum of the kitchen’s space, white would be a better recommendation.

  • Classic black-and-white kitchen with a majestic blend of gold

    If you are in search of the combination that can be counted among the evergreen kitchen wall colors, this would be the best option. It provides that perfect regal appeal to feeling proud about. Golden shade of the accessories and the countertops provide the perfect finishing touch, like a cherry on top. Advantage of the combination that there are numerous options one can find to meet well with the white wall. Similarly, one may keep it white for the ceiling as well. Without scratching the brain much, cabinet color can be kept in black.


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  • Providing the royal vibe through Emerald and Brass

    People who would prefer traditional kitchen color ideas can indeed find it an appropriate option. In this context, the following tips are highly recommended. It provides the royal appeal upon being accompanied by emerald. No matter your kitchen size is small or large; this idea can certainly work for you. The best part, the combination doesn’t make it too bold, yet maintains the fascinating appeal. However, the following points are recommended, for it is a tricky combination.

  • Brass kitchen equipment would be the utmost recommendation for this combination.
  • You may keep the kitchen cabinet colors comparatively bold, but not in an exaggerated fashion.
  • Accessories play an important role in glorifying the color combination; hence pick these brilliantly.

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  • An all-out white kitchen with authentic wooden complement

    Undoubtedly, this is the classiest combination among all so far. It’s said that when you are confused, go with Dove white shade for the kitchen. Interestingly, it looks equally appealing even if you go all out Dove White for your kitchen, starting from cabinets, walls, to ceiling. However, for a gentle contrast, it is recommended that the cabinets are kept wooden. Similar is the case about countertops as well. One may combine with various wooden crafts and accessories for making the kitchen look the most charming.

  • The amusing combination of red in a kitchen of white shade

    This is certainly for those bohemians who want something always happening in their life. The combination is amusing and bold at the same time, with a perfect creative punch. Also, it meets the most contemporary idea of kitchen paint. If you want your kitchen to provide you the uniqueness, this combination can certainly fulfill your wish.
    All that can be suggested here is that the shades of cabinets should be kept reddish. For walls, one may keep it all white or combine with smart red bordering. Make sure that the usage of red should be to provide the contrast effect in the combination. Rest, you can be creative on your own terms.

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  • Palette green in combination with white

    This combination is as refreshing as a breath of fresh air. It provides the much-needed vibe of calmness at a place where you would love to unwind yourself. The kitchen is such a place that highly deserves this combination. The best part about Green Hue is that it is one of the most enduring shades, despite not being too bold in appeal. Instead of turning things fussy, keep the cabinet color as green (if you opted for the white wall).

  • A Yellow kitchen accompanied by grey for contrast

    Yellow is indeed the best kitchen colors of all; it is traditional, royal, and contemporary at the same time. In this combination, keep the shade of yellow slightly pale, like the fresh sunshine. This would provide the perfect tranquil appeal. Also, yellow provides the perfect brightness both under the light and without it. Grey can be used for providing the much needed contrasting effect


Brilliance of the shades is judged through their ability to glorifying the interior design. Smart combinations of shades delivered strategically, as discussed above, can be appropriate for kitchens of all sizes and dimensions.

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