Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

By: | September 29 , 2022
kitchen storage ideas

I need to fit in a chair in the bin goes my hair, I need to store veggies and pots and pans Oh! I need so much space.
Hey wait, Use a pegboard here, And use the top of the range to arrange, Some more pots and pans. Or a little space outside the kitchen, Can relax your small space. Infinite spaces come to life, You just need to look. Here, There, and Everywhere. And be a little more creative.

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The biggest challenge for a consumeristic society, especially the city folks, all over the world is, to lug in as much as you can. The thing is that you shouldn’t feel so guilty about your abundant food packet. It’s the order of the day. The lovely frozen Mccain potato cheese shots and the aloo tikki makes your mouth water. The lovely powder soups from knorr and the lovely cup noodles which save so much time and effort and the city people are busy people with so much on their plate all the time! The list is endless….and the space one has is majorly abrupt so who wouldn’t dream up space after space after space in your little kitchen and fill up every nook and cranny with your goodies from the big wide world exciting and thrilling for your tummy too.  So here goes. Let’s begin with a pegboard.

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    1. Hang a pegboard

      Hang a pegboard

      Instead of having a couple more limiting shelves. Try a pegboard and hang it on one of your walls. You won’t believe how much it can accommodate in terms of pots and pans and even cups and what have you. It is one of the most flexible storage space possible, and your pots and pans don’t feel too bad hanging up there in all their glory. It is easy to access in your line of vision, without being obstrusive.

Another space you can try out is the tops of your cabinets. Stash your spices, your veggies, your extra pantry supplies and hang wire bins to carry supplies without making space for clutter.

    1. Downsize your furniture

      You could definitely cash on smaller chairs and tables if your kitchen is small. This would give you ample clearance to put in your essentials in terms of regular supplies and the special occasion ones.

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    1. Buy a small refrigerator

      Buy a small refrigerator

      It would be more becoming of your little space and won’t jar and won’t overshadow you and your kitchen while you are at your favorite job of the moment in your cooking process.

    2. Add a nesting table

      add a nesting table

      Add a nesting table to your cabinets, pulling it out when it’s needed and shoving it right in after you’re done with your job. This gives you an extra chopping surface or a beating of eggs can be accommodating especially if you’re multitasking and when there is tons of other stuff going on in the kitchen. Add shelving under your island countertop, stack magazines or what have you.

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    1. Use your windows

      Use your windows

      Use your windows as storage, hang pots and pans by the window, this not only looks present but also gives you an extra space to hang around.

      Now we come to the cooking range. This normally occupies a clear, demarkated space. Why not give it a plunge. Use the space above the cooking range for stacking a few more things like soup ladles and karchis and big spoons which will look attractive and find a place of pride right there.

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    1. Use sides of your cabinets

      Use sides of your cabinets

      Use the sides of your cabinets for more storage. Hang a pot rail or add shelves in which you can hide in loads of your spices, small bottles, big bottles and any other pantry material.

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  1. Use bottoms of your cabinets

    Use bottoms of your cabinets

    Use the bottoms of your cabinets to hold mugs and small tools. This is when these cabinets are hung up on the wall and there is ample space between the countertops and the cabinets.

  2. Add Shelves

    add shelves

    Add shelves in all possible places which can slide in and slide out and not obstruct your limited space and house everything you have in the kitchen in an organized manner and not give you a cluttered feeling and be happily out of the way and still be there.

    Store stuff between the fridge and the wall. Turn it into a pantry or slide in a folding stool. Steal space from neighboring rooms which can be an extension of your small kitchen and accommodate maybe a pantry for your supplies or have a table and some chairs which could be near a window outside the kitchen and the streaming sunlight on your friend’s head with a cup of coffee in her hand while you cook her a nice meal seems like a pleasant innuendo in your hectic life.

  3. Doors


    The entrance to the kitchen could be another storage board. You could fix your daily menu, your favorite recipes and your “to-do” list so that you are geared up for the day as soon as you enter the kitchen. You could also hang a cloth bag which would bring in your veggies everyday.

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    So this was a short survey of your daily needs and schedules and how you can maximize the use of space if perchance your career graph is still somewhere in the beginning and you simply can`t afford to have a bigger kitchen and your lifestyle demands that you need topped up supplies for  family and friends, so don`t worry, be happy. Use this pointer type write up to cook up umpteen spaces for your warm kitchen.

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