Ways to Maximize the Positive Energy at Home

By: | September 28 , 2022
Ways to Maximize the Positive Energy at Home new
We have vile thoughts and we have good thoughts. Sometimes if we suffer a lot as a wife, a mother, a child, a father, or just any other way the being becomes sad and unhappy and tends to move amidst thoughts in the negative direction. As if one gives up inside and finds fault with everything, starts judging, and is rude and unforgiving. Keeping a positive attitude, not giving up, being loving and fluid, and being gentle and calm within builds up your healthy positive self. Also, there are external ways of cheering you up and making you feel happy like uppers.


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Ways to maximize the positive energy at home


Here Are Some Ways You Can Alleviate Your Mood

1. Bring in Natural Sunlight: Especially if someone is ill and has to lie in bed all day long, then keep the curtains open most of the time and let natural sunlight come in it also helps to get fresh air which dissipates accumulated energy and uplifts the mood of lonely or crying patients. Cleaning the glass windows and removing blockages to light also helps alleviate the mood.

2. Declutter: Clutter causes stress. Stress leads to negative thoughts and negative energy. Decluttering a space leads to a feeling of calm and openness. Also, unnecessary things are eliminated. Even if you declutter a drawer or a cabinet difference in energy in the room will be perceived. Keep commonly used areas such as the work table, dining table, coffee table, and kitchen counters clean and clutter-free. Keep some of these areas decorated with flower arrangements or family photos.


3. Put in House Plants or Flowers: Put in fresh plants. They act as air purifiers in the room or flowering plants like orchids could go on your window sill or on your terrace. Cut flowers can be put in vases and put in strategic places in the room. It also adds texture to a place and beautifies the area and improves air quality. Its seen to have a better and greater effect on ill patients.

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4. Open Windows: Natural fresh air is a must and brings in happy air, and sounds of chirping birds, and opens you to nature’s beautiful vision.

5. Apply Fresh Coat of Paint: You could do this for a lonely friend or go for a blow job in your house when there are blemishes and stains on your wall and fresh paint gives a new fresh look to a room or a house and can uplift the spirit making the room look clear, brighter and fresh.

6. Flourish ArtWork: Your precious, carefully selected artwork and sculptures that you have collected from your visits to various places gives your house an eclectic feel and a distinct style. It also brings with its mounds of positive energy. Hang your favorite artwork and children’s drawings, cards, and photos in creative ways. Hanging meaningful artwork is a constant reminder of love, light, and happiness and can make the room feel much nicer.

7. Stay Close to Nature: Outside a large window, you can hang a bird feeder. Birds will come and eat and chirp around excitedly giving a lovely cheerful feel to the whole house and feeling innocent, hapless birds give great joy. Put some plants inside the house to purify the air and give it a fresh healthy feel. You could make sure you have a garden in your home. Looking through the window you will feel great joy at your garden outside with its myriad flowers and green health. Growing your own vegetables and growing herbs and various plants also gives you a very big high.

8. Adding Color: Adding a spot of color in some part of the room or space gives a feeling of excitement and a rush of color on the pale cheeks of your even-toned grey sofa or dulcet cream wall. Two-three bright red cushions of silk thrown in on a deewan which may be all grey or cream with the same colored cushions gives a great chirp to the room. An ordinarily mono-colored bedroom with a new brand beautifully designed Bed cover again gives a great happy vibe to the room.

9. Use Scent: An agarbati (incense stick) or dhoop stick or a spray of essential oil like lavender, sandalwood, and frankincense in a diffuser will contribute majorly to making all who walk in very happy. They give a warm and fresh feel to the room.

Use scent

10. Pay Attention to Lighting: A darkened room feels depressing. It is good to have good lighting in the room and keep lights on and off at appropriate times of the day to give a light, happy and bright feel to the room.

Here we talk about `chi` a name given to the life force by the Chinese. It is great to change the energy around you and create an amazing display of money, love, health, utility and peace around you.
“Chi” is a special reviving energy that can be experienced through the senses. Color, form, sound, touch, temperature, and scent all are felt as chi.

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How do You Welcome This Energy:

Clean the Air: Open all the windows and let the wind in. Plug in a Himalayan salt lamp which purifies the air and gives a happy atmosphere in the room.

Clean the air

1. Deep clean the room: Don’t let blind corners cheat you. Remove dirt and dust from every nook and cranny of the room. This prevents blockages of energy and provides good circulation of energy. This will definitely uplift the energy of the room.

2. Color Pop-Up: Yellow adds radiance, greens spur growth and flexibility, red brings prosperity, and orange brings worth and cheer. Display any of these colors in unique ways adding a dash of brilliance to your maybe monotonous room like a leg hanging out.

3. Painful Times: Chuck them, chuck the photos and the letters and the oldest furniture. Anything that has bad memories attached to them.

4. Keep Happy Pets: Celebrate their birthdays, take them for long walks, and give them an extra special dinner. This keeps his life extra happy. Add soft touches to the room. Cuddly cushions and a soft blanket was thrown on a bed can add that extra bit of comfort.

5. Get Creative: Dabble with any past or a new hobby. This will make you pleased yourself and give you a respite from mundane work. For Example; pottery, painting, singing.

6. Develop a Harmonious Family Life: Respect and love your children. Be firm, loving, and gentle. Do not pick up fights at the drop of a hat. Instead, become a solver or a harmonizer. Develop understanding between the members of the family and appreciate each other’s space. A single unloving look from your mother can crash your whole life.

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Here are some more tips:

  • Front Door: This should be clean and crack-free. Cracks bring in bad energy. Low-peeling plywood or paint. Put a plant close by and put lights in either side of the door.
  • Hallway: Well-lit, but clutter-free with maybe a mirror or two to give extra space. Place coats and shoes in a closed cupboard.
  • Kitchen: No sink, opposite the cooking range. This would create a water and fire crash.
  • Living room: Place a lamp opposite the door in a corner. Don’t block doors.
  • Dining Table: Put a vase of fresh flowers on the table and a mirror on one side of the table.
  • Bedroom: Use light, neutral colors. Light scented candles have bedside tables with curved lamps.
  • Bathroom: The door should be closed and the toilet lid should be down. Air-purifying plants bring in wealth. Plants soaked in water slow the flow of wealth seeping away.
  • Garden: Keep it well maintained and reap in health and wealth.
  • Put in Oil Diffusers: Lavander soothes and calms you. Promotes a sense of well-being and reduces stress. Sweet orange supports a positive mood and inspires creativity. Ylang-Ylang soothes and relaxes you reducing anger. Bergermont reduces anxiety. Frankincense promotes focus and health balancing emotions.
  • Enter Your Room Through Your Front Door: Repaint the door regularly. Make your bed in the morning. Put away your laundry. Hide the electrical wires.
  • Allow Some Room for Mess: It calms the being. Creates a kind of balance.

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I hope we have boosted your spirit with these positive thoughts and vibrations and any few that you choose to use in your immediate environment would be a blessing for you. But remember keeping yourself pure, healthy, cheerful, and free of negative thoughts would be the mainstay of your politicization procedure and not the other way round.

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