Casement Windows and Doors Advantages & Disadvantages

By: | August 17 , 2022

Installed on side-mounted hinges, Casement windows and doors are easy to operate and tend to crank outward. Instead of having a handle and lifting up, Casement windows and doors pivot open and are generally found in kitchens. The ease and simplicity in handling and operating these types of windows and doors make them a very popular choice amongst homeowners today. Furthermore, owing to their sturdy construction and robust frame, casements are said to outlast most other window types. They can come either in a singular frame or come in pairs sharing the same frame.

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Casement windows and doors have numerous benefits which are highlighted below. They also have some pitfalls albeit minor ones. Through this article, we are going to shed some light on the major casement window and doors benefits and also disadvantages of casement windows and doors as well.

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Some of the main advantages of casement doors and windows are as below :

  • Highly Customizable

    Casement windows and doors are highly customizable and can be adapted to suit various styles. Moreover, they are available in a variety of finishes and an array of colors, designs, and frames, which means they can suit different types of homes. Furthermore, they are also available with a range of accessories such as chrome, vinyl or brass crank handles, surface grills, prairie grills, and lead grills which help add another level of style and panache.

  • Casements Offer Increased Ventilation

    Since they open outward, casements tend to provide offer superior ventilation and offer excellent airflow when open. Additionally, owing to their open sash which acts as a flap, casements manage to funnel fresh air and side breezes into your house, something which other windows may not be able to take to do so. Casement windows and doors also pry wide open from top to bottom and side-to-side thus allowing more light and ventilation into the room.

  • One of The Most Efficient Types of Windows/Doors

    In terms of energy efficiency, casement windows and doors are second only to fixed pane windows as they tend to form an air-tight seal when closed to guard against potential risks. The window sash presses against the frame on closing, creating an impenetrable seal which drastically reduces the amount of air entry and leakage. This type of window is especially handy to have in areas with a very windy climate.

  • Easy to Open and Close

    Casement windows and doors make use of single-lever latches also known as tandem latches, which make them extremely easy to operate for opening and closing purposes. They can also be fitted with automatic openers for further ease of operation. In comparison to sliding windows and doors, casements are also flush with adjacent panes which can be much larger than sliders while still being operable. This also makes them a perfect choice for hard-to-reach places while also facilitating easy cleaning as well.

  • Security

    Casement Windows and doors tend to provide high levels of security primarily because the lock is incorporated into the frame, making them extremely hard and tough to break into.


Some of the several disadvantages of casement windows and doors are as below :

  • Size Limitations

    The reason we never see large casements is because as they open outwards, casement windows cannot be too large since they will be heavy and thereby won’t be able to do the job they’re intended for. To hold the weight of the window, the opening needs to be strong and therefore small enough to ensure its light.

  • Cannot Put Air Conditioners in Them

    Because casement windows crank outward, air conditioners are something that cannot be used in conjunction with these windows.  Single-hung or double-hung windows are better suited to hold window air conditioners in place.

  • No Storm Windows/Screens

    Although casement windows and doors which crank inward are available, it’s not a common phenomenon. Casement windows which crank outward won’t be able to hold storm windows or screens.

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