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By: | September 22 , 2022
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Facades are perceived as an important element in a building because it showcases aesthetic and architectural elements in the building and controls the technical performance of a building to an extent. Facades showcase the importance of the building and the architecture of any city. Over the period, the importance given to the facades has reached to such an extent that clients are willing to spend more for innovative and expensive facades for all building typologies. In today’s period, a whole industry with varied expertise, including consultants, manufacturers and vendors, are driven by Building façade systems.

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Presently, architects are looking for many facade materials to experiment with, thus they have created a need for different types of cladding materials like glass cladding, metal, terracotta, Aluminium Cladding and PVC-based. Many new-age cladding materials are being manufactured and installed in recent projects across the world. KGD itself has delivered many projects incorporating various facade materials.

Duromer high-pressure laminated Façade panels are high-quality construction products with extremely effective weather protection. They are used especially for long-lasting applications. It is possible to install it in louver or panel form as required, having a rear-ventilated principle making it a breathing façade. Durometer high-pressure laminated Façade panel has been incorporated in residential projects like Jain Heights-AON located at Bannerghatta Main road by KGD


Jain Heights Aon, Bengaluru

Terracotta has been one of the oldest building application materials and exploiting all the age-old traditions, skills and workmanship necessary for processing, the material clay is being extensively used even today. Ventilated curtain wall/ rain-screen system, whose exposed components made exclusively from terracotta, are available these days.

Aluminum composite panels have been around for a long time now. But the application, installation, and finishes have only improved over the period. ACP had been infamous for the visible silicon sealant joints which made it less appealing. But over the years, the system has improved considerably and it is possible to consider it for wider usage. It is an energy-efficient material and can be fitted with facades having rear ventilation and also requires very low maintenance.

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Non-asbestos fiber-cement boards with high impact strength, having moisture and fire-resistant property, is available for exterior application and ideal for a tropical climate like India. It is a green-certified product having LEED points with easy installation on steel frames. It has a variety of finishes, including a wooden finish making it a great substitute for natural wood cladding.

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The curtain glazing system is a versatile cladding option with glass as the primary material. It is quite popular as a cladding and exterior wall for all types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings. The curtain wall is characterized with colored vision and spandrel glass areas, a grid of aluminum caps, and most recently metal or stone spandrel covers. The curtain glazing is designed to resist wind and earthquake loads, limit air leakage, and limit excessive heat loss (or heat gain) making it a viable cladding option. It is the most advanced exterior window wall system available for buildings. Installation of DGU (Double Glazed Unit) is preferred now as it makes the Curtain glazing system one of the most efficient insulators against heat loss. KGD has designed and executed projects like Jain Heights-SOLUS with curtain glazing façade and vertical aluminum louvers.

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Lulu Hotel and Convention
centre project at
Thrissur, Kerala

Precast wall panels are an energy efficient alternative to steel and masonry, providing a durable wall and eliminating the need for perimeter columns and can be made with virtually any finish imaginable. The product can be structural or can act as cladding on a precast or steel structure. Architectural precast wall panels can be insulated or solid depending on the specified use. KGD is currently executing a complete precast Hospital project at Calicut for Perfect Healthcare Hospital using extensive precast wall panel cladding

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GFRC (Glass reinforced fiber concrete) cladding

GFRC cladding offers the architect freedom of design. A wide range of customized colors, textures, shapes, and designs can be produced. Since the cladding panels are made to order, the pieces are designed and cast to meet the requirements of individual projects and the designer’s vision. Various finishes like brick, stone, wood, concrete etc are possible in GFRC which can be installed like wall panels or screens. GFRC panel construction produces less waste than precast panels and uses fewer natural resources. It also has high wind, thermal, and fire resistance.

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Jain Heights Solus, Bengaluru

Zinc cladding is an innovative system that uses all the material qualities of zinc like long-lasting, malleable, flexible and aesthetically appealing.

Stainless Steel wall cladding is commonly used in today’s buildings creating a striking architectural effect. Unlike most other types of feature material, stainless is available in an array of finishes to suit all conditions. Stainless comes in patterned, dimpled, textured, embossed and also colored steel finishes. Some of these aspects enhance durability and prevent wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Stainless Steel is an incredibly versatile material, it can be rolled, folded, or pressed into almost any shape, it is also one of the most robust and sustainable materials due to its superior corrosion resistance. It is also a recyclable material.

The sustainability and environmental considerations while selecting a façade cladding material is client-driven to an extent. A green building essentially shall install cladding of recyclable materials like Fibre Cement, GFRC, Terracotta and DGU for proper energy utilization.


Hospital project at Calicut for
Perfect Healthcare Hospital

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