What is the difference between a sanded grout and an unsanded grout?

By: | September 30 , 2022
anded grout and an unsanded grout

A grout is like mortar that binds the floor and wall tiles together. As the name suggests the presence an absence of sand in a grout is known as sanded and unsanded grout respectively. They are cement based grouts and are primarily used in residential interiors. Grout gives an element of style to the interior space.

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Sanded vs. unsanded Grout

The difference between sanded and unsanded grout and their applications are-

  • Unsanded grout is used in tile gaps that are less than 1/8’’. Sanded grout is used in gaps that are above 1/8’’.
  • Unsanded grout is preferred in highly polished tiles or marble while sanded grout can be used for matte finish or other rustic tiles.
  • Unsanded grout has a very smooth texture and is recommended for both floor and wall tiles. Sanded grout is a grainy rough texture used as a filler material in the gaps present in floor tiles.
  • Unsanded grout is made of Portland cement, powdered pigment and water while in sanded grout comprises of resins, powder pigment and sand.
  • Stone tiles cannot be polished once the grouting is complete.

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