Different Kinds of Door Locking Systems

By: | December 06 , 2022

Door hardware forms a very integral design and functional element of doors. Hardware fixes and secures the door and at the same time adds an element of class to the décor. The door hardware is available in mainly brass finish and brush metal which could be in gloss or matte finish. Additional door hardware includes the hinges, door eye piece, door locks and springs.

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The different kinds of door locking systems are-

Keyed Door Knobs-

These are cylindrical door knobs and the most commonly used hardware. These door knobs have a push button on the inside and a locking arrangement on the outside. The keyed knobs are based on a round operating mechanism.

Keyed Door Lever –

This has a lever to open or close the door and is very easy to operate. When the lever is pushed down the door opens. This lock also has a push button on the inside and a keyed locking system on the outside.

Keyed Deadbolts –

These are used as an additional security of the door. The deadbolts cannot be moved and can be opened only with a key.

Mortise Lock-

A mortise lock is a part of the door and is set inside the door by making a cut out in it instead of fixing the lock from above.

Multi Point Lock –

A multi-point lock is used for added security and has a minimum of three locking points that shall lock with the turn of a key. This system is mainly used in the main entrance doors.


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