Check the different types of door knobs you need to know about

By: | August 29 , 2022

Door knobs are accessories that have been in use for a long time. These are ball-shaped or spherical devices that are used to open and even lock gates. The majority of these items are made of stainless steel, brass, or bronze, depending on the finish you prefer. These materials, in general, do not rust and can be used for an extended period of time.

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These knobs have an average diameter of just under 6 cm. These are made up of the shank, spindle, and knob-top. The knob-top is the part of the gate that is grasped by the hand to open it. The shank is made up of the stem connected to the round door handle, which has a hole for the spindle. The control is a washer or round plate that is adapted to fit smoothly on the entrance surface and form the knobs socket. Learn about the Different types of door knobs that exist.

Kinds of door knob that are accessible in the market

Dummy Door Knob

Dummy Door knobs

Dummy door knobs are intended to serve as a decorative mock-up in order to provide a consistent look throughout the home. However, as the name implies, they serve no functional purpose or serve as a privacy lock. Dummy gate controls are available in two sizes: single and double. A single dummy is a single lever that is designed to be connected on one side of the gate, where it will be noticeable.

A double-dummy gate knob has a matching set of controls that are designed to be installed and decorated in a single doorway. Dummy controls and round door handles are frequently used on shallow pantry gates or small linen closets where a person would never enter, necessitating the use of a control to exit. Shallow closets and pantries may also have a ball catch or magnetic catch positioned along the top of the gate as an additional safety measure and added convenience that keeps it secure.

Passage Gate Knob

Passage gate Door knobs

Passage gate knobs, which lack a locking mechanism, are intended for areas of the home that do not require privacy. This space could include anything from a hallway closet to kitchen cabinets and pantries. They are similar to dummy style knobs in that they have a simple latch that can be turned as you rotate the knobs, but there is one key difference.

Passage gate controls do not have a lock, whereas dummy gate knobs are stationary and do not even turn. Passage gate knobs are also obtainable in various styles, including ornamental glass controls and holders of ornately casted metal pieces.

Interior Knob

interior Door knobs

Interior mortise knobs are more prevalent in older homes and give a more conventional look. You might even be able to get a glass gate control with this charming look. An interior mortise style, as opposed to a modern version that is separate from the knobs, features a large rectangular lock inside the gate. For added privacy, interior mortise gate knobs are paired with skeleton keys and linked to a deadbolt in some models.

Keyed Door Knob

 Keyed Door knobs

Keyed round door handles provide security and privacy, and they include a key to lock and unlock the gate. These are typically installed on exterior gates, but they can also be used on interior gates for privacy. Just be careful not to misplace the key! Otherwise, you’ll have to contact a locksmith to have a replacement made.

The interior section of a keyed entrance gate knob varies depending on the hardware manufacturer. There will, however, be a keyed cylinder on the outside and a push-button lock on the inside that will release when the round door handle is turned. Some hardware manufacturers will also include a turn button on the control that must be manually unlocked.

You can use the round door handle on your front gate and other exterior gates, as well as the door that separates the garage from the mudroom or wherever it leads into the home. These doors frequently necessitate the use of an additional deadbolt, especially if they already have two large holes bored into them.

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