Rainwater Harvesting: A Growing Trend

By: | August 10 , 2017

Keeping up with the trend of replace our current energy sources with renewable energies, the rainwater harvesting market in India is expected to see a considerable growth. Residential sector being the main reason for the growth, the real estate is expected to grow by over one-third by 2025. The Government of India is not only reiterating the various benefits that one can get by rainwater harvesting but is also encouraging and supporting the industry in this area. Due to the growing population, not only has the number of people increased but so has their demand for resources, water, walking at the front of the list. Increased dependence on bore wells only depletes the natural preserve of water and also creates imbalance in the ecosystem. Rainwater harvesting, on the other hand, if done consistently and using the appropriate technology can not only cater to the demands of the people, but also be routed to subsurface in a process called ground recharge through infiltration ponds, trenches, and dams.

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In India, the main names in the rainwater harvesting market are D&D Ecotech Services, KRG India, N.S. & Associates, Osmosis India, and Water field technology. According to forecast, the rainwater harvesting market in India to grow at a CAGR of 6.56% during the period 2017-2021.

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