Different Types of Hinges Used in Indian Homes & Offices

By: | November 23 , 2022

There are different types of hinges available in the Indian market, a hinge is basically an external joint that holds two items together while allowing limited movement. Hinged interior design pieces typically rotate relative to one another along a fixed axis. Most hinges, on the other hand, only allow rotation in a single plane around a central axis. They can be identified by two flat faces known as leaves. One leaf is connected to each of the components that are joined.

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Typically, the leaves are pierced with holes to allow screws or bolts to form a knuckle. This allows a pin to pass through and connect the two rotating parts. Hinges are available in various materials such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, pewter, and copper. To complement your design, you can also select from various finishes such as chrome, polished, or brushed.

Just like a human body consists of joints, a building also consists of hinges, which hold it’s doors and windows together as a whole. The central axis rotational movement of the hook ensures that the doors, windows, cabinets, and gates can be opened and closed with ease. So, no matter what is the type of your building, or what quality materials you put in, the lack of quality hinges can ruin the game.

Gone are the days when they were only of a single type and had nothing much in them to show off. Contrary to it, they play an important role, especially when it comes to interior designing because – every detail matters. However, unlike the time when its options were limited, now you get the chance to choose from the variety.

Different Types of Hinges

  • Window Hinges

  • Butt Hinges

  • Piano Hinges

  • Cabinet Hinges

  • Door Hinges

  • Ball Bearing Hinges

  • Spring-Loaded Butt Hinge

  • Rising Butt Hinges

  • Barrel Hinge

  • Concealed Hinge

  • Knife Hinge

  • Overlay Hinge

  • Offset Hinge

  • Strap Hinge

Presently, there is quite a lot of variety when it comes to hinges, but their usage is primarily limited to windows and doors. So, before you drop in and choose any of those, let us explore its types.

  • Window Hinges


    Your windows do not come forward and go backward just like that; the window straps work to make it happen. Without it, your window will never be able to hold on to its frame and might merely fall apart. Some of the most popular types that you commonly get to see are Butt and Piano.

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    Learn about the Different types of window hinges available

    • Concealed Window Hinges

      Modern furniture, wood installations, and opulent cabinets add a touch of elegance to any home or office. People prefer elegant architecture, which necessitates a smooth finish and stylish designs. These joiners provide an excellent finish to the windows, making them appear sophisticated and classy. They are also called hidden joiners because they are not visible unless the window is opened.

      They enhance the appearance and functionality of windows and cabinets while concealing any visible hardware on the outside. These can be applied to both exterior and interior windows and cabinets, furniture, and exterior windows. They’ve been around for over a century and are also referred to as invisible hooks and European hooks. These hinges are popular among architects and interior designers because they keep the beauty of the space while also designing fantastic-looking furniture.

    • Piano Window Hinges

      The piano hinge is also known as a continuous hook because it is a series of hooks used for various purposes. The hook can span the entire length of any window or lid. It is a popular adornment in architecture, installations, and objects. The name comes from the fact that it opens like a piano lid and that a heavy-duty version of it was used in the full-sized piano lid.

      These are made up of interconnected, continuous leaves. The holes in the two sheets are used to attach items like window panels, lids, and covers. Piano hooks are one of the most commonly used hardware accessories necessary in any structure. They are the most common hinges because they are inexpensive, simple, and have been around for a long time.

    • Overlay Window Hinges

      Overlay window hinges enable the window panels to “lay over” the wooden framework. The connection of the windows to the window frames is referred to as the overlay. This type of Overlay hinges for windows comes in two varieties: full overlay and half overlay.

      Half overlay hinges are designed for pairs of windows that meet in the center. When this hinge is positioned on either side of two windows, the windows open on opposing sides. Full overlay hinges are mounted on Individual windows. These hinges enable a wide-angle opening that allows the windows to fully open. It is ideal for homes that require enough ventilation.

    • Bi-Fold Window Hinges

      The Bi-fold Hinge for Windows can be utilized in any situation where two panels installed on a wooden framework are required to swing in opposite directions. Folding screen windows are the most typical use of this hinge. These one-of-a-kind hinges are built with four independent pivot points to allow for dual movement.

      This joiner is equipped with a mechanical bearing that allows the surfaces on which it is attached to swing open in both directions. When put on a window, you may be able to open it by pulling or pushing it. Bi-fold hinges are undeniably useful since they save a lot of space and they are also easy to install. When compared to traditional hinges, they give a higher level of convenience because of their multi-directional rotation.

  • Butt Hinges


    These are one of the most commonly used in the industry and come with diverse usages from doors to windows and even cabinets. Often they are also referred to as mortise ones, and they are mortised into the frames for application. Coming to its material, it is usually made of steel because of its significant indoor usage. Still, if you are choosing it for outdoor purposes, we suggest you check the material to avoid any corrosion and have a coating of stainless steel on it.

    Advantage of Butt Hinges: Can withstand the weight of heavy metal windows and can hold ball bearings as well, which makes it a convenient option.

  • Piano Hinges


    It is one of the classic interior hinges that one can use for fixing the furniture and the cabinets in style. These are usually cranked or straight and are thus ideal to be installed in modular kitchens and drawing spaces for exquisite decors. Running across the line, the particular lining consists of many continuous holes for you to showcase the antiques and hangings. They usually come in a brass coating and give a subtle hint of elegance to the whole interior.

    Advantage of Piano Hinges: Being a durable option, piano ones can distribute the weight of the window uniformly and thus do not lead to cracks and damages.

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  • Cabinet Hinges


    Door cabinets and drawers are essential interior objects as they not only give a complete look to the place but also allow room for space. Thus, the cabinet joints are of great importance. Wrap-around, surface mount, inset, and overlay ones are a variety of cabinet hinges that ideally goes with different cabinet designs and give them a specific character and depth.

    Advantages of Cabinet Hinges: Cabinet ones not only extend the life of your cabinets but also allow you to open and close the cabinets with ease.

  • Door Hinges


    Just like window joints, these apply to doors and help your doors to hang on straight, and hold on to the door frame. However, just like there are a variety of door styles, there is quite some variety in it too. Apart from holding on to the door weight, they add a lot of character to its outlook and increase its durability as well.

    What are the Different Types of Door Hinges?

    • UPVC Door Hinges: UPVC Door hinges have a stylistic look to them and come with a leaf attached to it that makes the holes almost invisible. They are generally classified into four types – Flag, Butt, Rebate, and Composite Door Hinges, which ensures that you do not need to put any effort while opening the door or closing it. Besides looking aesthetic, these door joints are cost-effective too and highly durable also.
      Advantage of UPVC Door Hinges: They are quite easy to operate, and come with a long shelf life, which makes it worth an investment.
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    • Glass Door Hinges: One certainly does not want the hinges to peep out of the finely furnished glass doors, and thus, these exquisitely designed glass door ones come to the rescue. They are lined up against the glass door frame and often remain covered with its leaf, which keeps their holes hidden. Though they might look small in size, they can hold on to heavy weighed doors and are thus majorly used for commercial purposes.
      Advantages of Glass Door Hinges: Apart from possessing an inviting look, the ones for the glass doors are incredibly durable too, and cleaning them is easy as well.
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    • Gate Door Hinges: Gate hinges also known as strap hinges are suitable for gates and can be hefty or light in weight. Gate joiners are frequently available in a variety of materials such as brass, bronze, stainless steel, and others.
    • Pivot Door hinges: Pivot hinges are ideal for situations when you don’t want to show a joiner, such as on an overlay door. One side of these joiners attaches to the top of a door, while the other attaches to the bottom. There are lightweight and heavy-duty pivot joiners available. Another distinguishing feature of pivot joiners is that they allow doors to swing in both directions.
    • Flush Door hinges: Flush hinges are often referred to as recessed hinges or mortise hinges. These joiners are similar to butt joiners, but they have a leaf that fits within its counterpart. Flush joiners are beneficial when there is no space between a door and its frame.
    • Butt Door Hinges: Butt hinges are one of the most common types of joiners used today. It is usually 6 inches or less in length and is used to support most commercial doors. They have a wide range of applications and can be installed for a variety of applications.
  • Ball Bearing Hinges:


    Ball-bearing hinges resemble normal butt hinges in appearance. The difference is at the pivot point, where hidden bearings are put between the hinge’s knuckles, either between each knuckle or only a couple. They’re more resilient and endure longer than ordinary hinges, which wear out faster because the knuckles scrape against each other. The ball-bearing hinge has lubricated bearings between the hinge’s knuckles. These tough hinges are great for big entryway doors or those wearing a lot.

  • Spring-Loaded Butt Hinge:


    A spring hinge is a self-closing hinge that uses the action of a spring-loaded into the hinge’s barrel to shut two connected workpieces mechanically. They are used in many products, including eyeglasses, cabinet doors, box lids, and hand-held equipment. Spring hinges are suitable for opening and closing hardware due to their strength and longevity.

  • Rising Butt Hinges:

    Rising butt hinges help doors self-close in places like restroom cubicles. When the door is opened, it rides up the spiral knuckle, elevating the door as it does so.

  • Barrel Hinge:


    Barrel hinges are commonly utilized in woodworking projects like as small cabinets or jewelry boxes. (Barrel hinges should not be used in vertical or load-bearing installations.) They’re an excellent alternative when you don’t want to see a hinge; barrel hinges are completely invisible when gazing at a wood box or cabinet from either side.

  • Concealed Hinge


    Concealed, invisible, hidden, or European hinges are found on entry and interior doors, cabinets, and furniture. They have been around for quite some time. Soss, a well-known brand, has been producing them for over a century. Their major advantage is they are not visible from the outside, yet they offer a smooth, uninterrupted, visually pleasing appearance. They also serve as a form of security because they cannot be tampered with from the outside.

  • Knife Hinge


    A knife hinge is a type of flat hinge. These cabinet door hinges are often used when a semi-concealed hinge is appropriate or required. The knife hinge may fully open, allowing doors to rest flat against the adjoining cabinet without exposing too much metal. This hinge is mortised into the frame and top or bottom edge of a cabinet door for installation. Typically, the only visible portion of the hinge is the pin, which serves as the pivot point for the hinge’s movement.

  • Overlay Hinge

    Overlay Hinge

    As the name implies, an overlay hinge allows the cabinet door to extend somewhat or completely over the frame. An overlay hinge can be hidden or semi-hidden, with the hinge visible when the cabinet door is closed.

  • Offset Hinge


    Offset hinges are designed to relocate the hinge pin away from the doorjamb. When the door is opened 90 degrees, it is set back at least two inches from the doorway, allowing for a greater entrance. This simple solution removes the need to widen a door opening and purchase a new door frame in many circumstances.

  • Strap Hinge


    A strap hinge is an early-model hinge with a long, narrow shape. It comprises two triangular-shaped metal parts connected by a rotating axis in the center, as shown in the photo. Once coupled to two items or surfaces, the rotating axis allows the strap hinge to open and close.

    Strap hinges are comparable to other types of hinges; the only distinguishing feature of a strap hinge is its long and narrow shape. Strap hinges are often longer and narrower than other hinges.

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Hinge:

here are certain factors that you must consider while you are selecting hinges for your purpose. They are:

  1. Consider the look of the material and its color.
  2. Check whether it goes with the interior type of your place.
  3. Know whether it is resistant to fire and corrosion.
  4. Test its angle of rotation and check for flexibility.
  5. Check whether or not it comes with a specified warranty period.

We hope that these details help you choose the right hinges for your space. So, go ahead and select the best lot for your home and office needs.

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