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Glass Door Hinge

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There was a time when timber was the most favored material in the construction and architectural industry. Today aluminum, UPVC, glass, and other metals are replacing wood. Furniture and doors are beings made out of glass.

Glass has become a significant part of the construction and architectural industry. Glass has made its way into our homes and offices through doors and windows. An increase in the use of glass has given birth to several accessories such as connectors, handles, and hinges.

The fittings or accessories are necessary to install a door properly and allow them to make a statement. Each piece of accessory has a role to play; in this article, we will be talking about glass door hinges and its importance. Buy Glass Door Hinges Online from top brands (hafele glass door hinges and dorma glass door hinges) Also select sizes (12mm glass door hinges, 6mm glass door hinges, glass door hinges 180 degree, 10mm glass door hinges etc) and It's types (glass cabinet door hinges, frameless glass door hinges, self closing glass door hinges, bathroom glass door hinges, stainless steel glass door hinges and brass glass door hinges) with 23% at McCoy Mart.

Meanings of Glass Door Hinges

Hinges are accessories of a door, which plays a fundamental part in the functioning of a door. A glass door hinge consists of two clamps; each of these clamps has its insides covered with a skid-proof material to avoid friction. It connects two parts of a door; namely, the door frame and the door.

A hinge is available in different materials such as nickel and stainless steel. Stainless steel hinge is a popular choice among costumers for glass door hinge in India.

Importance of Hinges

A glass door hinge is a necessary part of architectural designing. Lack of hinges, the opening, and closing of a door, cabinet door, shower doors would be hard.

Hinges are useful pieces of accessory discovered by man. Hinges for a door has to be selected based on its purpose and function. Whether for a frame or frameless doors and cabinets, standard or unique applications, the role of a hinge remain the same.

Types of Hinges

  • Projection Hinge: also known as butterfly hinge. They can fold back on themselves in 180 degrees. These types of glass door hinges can be widely seen on dining room doors or garden doors.
  • 360-degree Pivot Hinge: the most popular type of frameless glass door hinge. 360-degree pivot hinge supports a glass door from the bottom.
  • T Shaped Hinge: This hinge resembles the letter T of English alphabets. The horizontal component of the hinge will be screwed to the frame of a door and vertical element to the door.
  • Strap Hinges: An old type of hinge, which can be used on both internal and external glass door. Strap hinge are also available in heavy duty quality and it resembles a long strip.
  • Antique Hinge: This type of hinges is installed with traditional doors such as cottage, home, and office. Antique hinges provide an authentic look to the door.

Based on the weight of the door and purpose, a hinge is selected. Heavy-duty glass door hinges are available in stainless steel material. Stainless steel hinges are durable and do not corrode.

Top 3 Hinges Manufacturing Brands in India

  • Hettich: the first brand on our list is Hettich. The company with numerous inventions and technology has changed the furniture concepts. Hettich glass door hinges are well - known worldwide for its quality.
  • Ssiskcon: The second company that is famous for making hinges is Ssiskcon. It is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel hinges, glass shower door hinges, and many other products.
  • Godrej: the third and last brand on our list of hinges brands is Godrej. The company is a popular choice among customers under the hardware category. Godrej offers a wide variety of glass cabinet door hinge and for other purposes.

Advancement in the technological field has made life simpler; today a person can buy his necessities from the comfort of his home, through an online forum. Glass door hinges can be purchased either by visiting a hardware store or through online platforms like Amazon. A glass door hinge price varies on its style, quality, and material. A stainless steel hinge is available for 300 rupees, whereas a brass hinge may cost 1,500 rupees.

In conclusion

Through this article, we hope that the necessary information on glass door hinges is clear. Purchasing quality and high - end hinge is critical for its proper function. Hettich, Godrej are few brands in India that offer the best glass and cabinet door hinges in the market.

Glass Door Hinges Price List

Glass Door HingesPrices
Ozone D-Pull Handle - OGH-11-S (25 x 325) mm
Rs. 2,685
Ozone Glass Door Pull Handle - OGH-551 (40 x 10 x 400) mm
Rs. 3,375
Ozone Glass Door Pull Handle with Locking Function - OGHL-55 (35 x 1500) mm
Rs. 1,476
Ozone D Type Glass Door Pull Handle - OGH-11 19*171 (25 x 325) mm
Rs. 1,649