Different Types of Tempered Glass & its Uses

By: | August 18 , 2022
House Glass

In the present time, tempered glass is the most common type of glass that is available in the market. Most of the furniture is mainly trying to apply this type of glass for a number of reasons. The tendency of danger or damage is much lower if the glass breaks. It has been observed several times that if the glass breaks into pieces it can be seriously dangerous. Apart from this, the glass passes from the immense thermal process during the process of manufacture. Thus it is completely heat resistant. In fact, the other term that is used for this glass is “safety glass”.

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Types of Tempered Glass

Now let’s have a look at the different types of tempered glass available in the market. You must have noticed that most of the residential and commercial buildings are using tempered glass for their safety and to stay away from various types of damages.

    1. Float Glass

      Float Glass
      It is a type of glass that is mainly used in any public places or shops. They are very durable in nature. As the glass is made of sodium silicate or calcium silicate it is often termed as soda lime glass.

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    1. Toughened Glass

      Toughened Glass
      Toughened glass always has very low visibility. This glass is mainly applied in fire resistant doors or as a screen protector of mobile phones. There are ample uses of toughened glass.

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  1. Chromatic Glass

    Chromatic Glass
    As the term signifies chromatic glass is also termed as photochromic glass because it can resistant any type of light. Most of the ICU s in hospital specially uses this type of glass.

Various Uses of Tempered Glass

It would be very interesting to gather good information about the various types of tempered glass uses.

  1. Car Glasses

    Most of the car company have and stresses to use this type of glass. They are much more protective and strong in nature. To be very specific if this type of glasses breaks down then it will be noticed that there are small rectangular pieces but in case of other glasses, there are so many pieces that it is hard to identify it.

  2. Use in The Commercial Building

    Most of the commercial buildings like hotels or shopping malls mainly rely upon to use this type of glasses. This is because the glass should be durable enough to protect the place from any type of attack or human interference. The glass is so strong that it is hardly tough to recognize any type of scratch marks. Even the glass is placed on the railings then it is strong enough to protect the whole area.

  3. Walls of The House

    Most of the modern residential buildings sometimes rely upon to put tempered glass as their walls. Sometimes they are designed in such a beautiful manner that the whole look of the house changes to a great extent. Thus the glass used should be strong and durable enough to protect the house from any type of external attack. Hence these glasses are of such type so that they are strong and elegant at the same time.

  4. Glasses Used on Furniture

    You might have noticed that the modern furniture and tables use this type of special glass for increasing their durability. The glass proves to be the best if any type of hot items are placed then no damage is observed. Even there is no such crack that is found on the glass. Whereas normal glass usually cracks or breaks down if hot items are placed over it. Furniture companies use most of their glass tops mainly made of tempered glass. Even the demand of this type of glass has tremendously increased due to its good value and durability.

  5. Corporate Use

    Many offices or corporate places often need various types of glasses for their partitioning. In such a case if there is a normal glass then the whole thing is transparent. Even such glasses are not at all strong. So in order to avoid such a situation, most of the companies prefer to use this type of glasses for their convenience and privacy too.

  6. Decorative Nature of The Glass

    If you wish you can decorate the glass as per your wish. The glass can withstand any type of decorations or paints on its body. This is a very good advantage of using such type of glasses. On the other hand, they are easily washable and anything on the body can be easily removed from it. During Christmas and Halloween, many people decorate various type of things over the glass.

So there are ample uses and advantages of tempered glass. The introduction of this type of glasses has really provided a good opportunity among various industrial companies and common people. Be it residential buildings or commercial houses the use of tempered glass is much more.

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