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By: | August 03 , 2022
Door Handle Designs

The hardware of the door is basically an extension of your home’s personality. Whether it is your main door, back door, bedroom or the bathroom door, choosing a unique door handle design can prove to be a game changer. As it is with most of the home improvement projects, implementing a well thought out plan for the purpose of upgrading the door handles can yield much better results. Depending on your taste, you can find out the perfect door handle for each room in your house. Listed below are a few tips on the style that would help you to understand which unique door handle would work the best for your house.

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  1. The Classic One

        • The classic door handles would give you that royal feel and would remind you of the palaces. These kinds of handles could be simple or ornate. Usually, brass and gold are used to make the classic door handles. However, the amount of gold in these handles are practically non-existent. These could be installed on the front doors or anywhere that you desire it to be.

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  2. Chic and Modern

    • The modern door handle designs are generally silver. These work great for homes that have sleek color schemes and clean lines. The modern door handles are in fact wonderful as they are literally perfect for any kind of door and are rather easy to install as well. And since they are mostly silver, it tends to match with most of the paint colors. In case you are looking for this kind of handle for your front door, these can easily be equipped with key-less entry system which would work as an additional security.
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  3. Choose Vintage

        • If you haven’t decided on getting a vintage door handle for one of the doors in your house, you are missing one great thing. Vintage door handles look absolutely great and go perfectly with a vintage decor. You do not necessarily have to visit an antique store so as to get a vintage door handle. You can get it custom made so as to match your door or the decor. These kinds of handles usually have a longer base and are made of brass. Think of the Victorian style doors and handles and you would get a fair idea of it.

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  4. Beautiful Glass

        • Glass door handles look undoubtedly rather beautiful. The great thing about these handles is the fact that it can be literally be made in any color and are mostly effervescent. When these glass handles reach its boiling point, wonderful things happen. They are stylish, smooth and customarily consist of brass which means that it would last longer.

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    • Choose Vintage
  5. Go Bold

    • If you are someone who loves to experiment and are looking for something that would get everyone’s attention, then bold is the way to go. These kinds of handles work great on front doors as it would give you the room to play with the color and the size. You can opt for an oversized handle if you have a larger front door. These handles are easy to spot and this also makes it easy to use them. Also, these can be fitted with a keyless entry.
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  6. Play With Shapes

          • These kinds of door handles are rather fun. Instead of choosing the usual styles that help to pull open the door, you could have hands, fathers, horses, birds or anything that you want. These are very unique and in fact look great for the front door. For the kid’s room, you could have a dinosaur or a fairy door handle.
          • Door handle might be a little thing but it is the little things that can bring add a special touch to your home.
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