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By: | May 27 , 2022
Anand Shriram

Fenesta is one of the largest windows and doors company in India, specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and service of precision-engineered made-to-order uPVC window and door systems. It has installed more than a million windows and doors across nearly 150,000 homes. Empowered with knowledge of India’s acute conditions, Fenesta has designed uPVC windows and doors that are able to withstand the extreme climate. Part of 5650-crores DCM Shriram group and Headquartered in Gurgaon, Fenesta has own sales and service presence in nearly 50 cities including Chennai, New Delhi and Bangalore with four factories and nearly 100 showrooms.

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According to the company, Fenesta, customers are assured of end-to-end service, starting from selecting right designs, site survey, fabrication, delivery and installation.

Fenesta windows and doors can instantly transform a home. They reduce outside noise due to excellent insulation properties. Steel reinforced Fenesta frames provide additional strength that allows large sizes and adequate sunlight. They can be fitted with special monsoon proof features to prevent heavy rains from seeping indoors. Superior insulation also leads to the reduction in energy bills as air conditioning becomes more effective.

Fenesta Company
Fenesta Company

Many finish and design options are available that can uplift the looks of your homes and offices – both from inside and outside.

Anand Shriram has been a part of the company’s uPVC windows business Fenesta Building System where he currently heads – Project Installation. He joined the company after completing his undergraduate education from the US. He then spent time training at DCM Shriram Ltd’s manufacturing unit at Kota, Rajasthan, understanding the various systems and processes. Post that he has been heading the project installation section.

WFM gladly brings you the edited excerpts from the interview of Anand Shriram, Head- Special Projects, Fenesta Building System, detailing the present and future of fenestration sector in India, latest developments and innovations in the sector, challenges faced by the industry and the future of this trade. He also elucidates elaborately on the journey of his company so far and their future plans.

WFM: How do you look back to Fenesta’s journey so far?

Anand Shriram : Fenesta has pioneered the introduction of uPVC windows and doors in the Indian market. The journey started about a decade back and Fenesta today has a sales and service presence in nearly 100 cities through seventeen sales offices, four factories, nine signature studios, nearly 100 dealer showrooms and a strong direct sales force. Fenesta is, by far, India’s largest windows and doors company and to date has manufactured and installed over a million windows serving more than 150,000 homes and scores of hotels, hospitals, factories, showrooms and institutions. Many accolades, not surprisingly, have come Fenesta’s way. The company has won the national award for manufacturing competitiveness instituted by the International Research Institute, Chennai; most recently it was honoured with the Product of the Year 2015 award by ABID (Association of Architects, Builders, Interiors, Designers & Allied Business).

WFM: What makes Fenesta’s products stand apart?

Anand Shriram : Fenesta believes in innovating products, specific and suited to the needs of the Indian consumer..

Empowered with the knowledge of India’s extreme conditions and tested by specialists, Fenesta products have set the standard in weather resistance, surface finish, stress, dimensional tolerances, UV stability, weld strength, wind load, air filtration, water penetration and ease of operation.

Fenesta products are available in pristine white as well as a number of foil colours; they come in a wide range of designs; the doors and windows require minimum maintenance; the products are rust-proof and don’t warp or fade and are substantially sound-proof and air-tight. The Composite doors, Lift and Slide doors, Slide and Fold, Villa Series are some of the latest designs introduced in the market. The Fenesta villa series is a first of its kind with the provision of a grill and bug mesh. Fenesta has also introduced two new innovations to face the difficult challenges a severe monsoon can throw: Hurricane Bar that withstands wind speed up to 245 kilo metres per hour and a Rain Track that prevents the ingress of rainwater.

All Fenesta products are 100 per cent customised and are always delivered as scheduled. To add the final touch of flourish, a customer can choose from a variety of glasses, hardware and accessories. Fenesta is also the only window solutions provider with sales and service presence across the country. Its dedicated team takes care of every customer needs from design to installation and after sales service.


WFM: What is your take on adopting latest technology and maintaining quality standards?

Anand Shriram : Fenesta, a business of DCM Shriram Ltd, believes in adopting the latest technology and providing the best in class products to its customers. We have high output technology driven machines from Europe, world-class infrastructure and certain quality standards form the backbone of each fabrication plant.Our work is supported by world-class facilities and a complete control over the entire supply chain. The extrusion plant at Kota is also the recipient of the British Sword of Honour for its unblemished safety record and is ISO: 9000, ISO: 14000 and ISO: 18000 certified.

WFM: Some window styles are more energy efficient and provides much better internal environment. Could you please explain this?

Anand Shriram : Amongst the several window and door styles, the casement style typically provides better sealing and insulation compared to a slider system. One can reduce energy expenditure by upto 30 per cent merely by switching to Fenesta uPVC windows. Different types of glass configuration added to the low thermal conducting uPVC profile helps in better insulation in Fenesta windows.

WFM: What are the design considerations while planning windows to achieve thermal efficiency and indoor air quality?

Anand Shriram : Thermal efficiency can be achieved by choosing the right window design, appropriate glass and proper sealing. Once the correct design and glass is finalised, the advanced sealing during installation ensures that there are no gaps for inside air to escape or outside air to come in, thereby ensuring thermal efficiency and air quality indoors.

WFM: What makes Fenesta Window energy efficient?

Anand Shriram : Other than the innovative product range, Fenesta windows are energy efficient thereby making them green. These windows are made of uPVC. The thermal conductivity of uPVC is much lower than Aluminium and therefore they help to keep the inside environment sealed from the exterior weather thereby reducing energy costs. uPVC windows designed with multi chambers and tight seals, further reduce transfer of heat and noise penetration. Compared to Aluminium, Fenesta uPVC Windows and doors are also environment friendly as they require very less energy to convert from raw material to finish goods. Using uPVC windows also reduces deforestation caused in manufacturing of wooden windows. All the above make Fenesta products energy efficient and environment friendly.


WFM: Tell us about your innovations in the window systems and other products?

Anand Shriram :Fenesta has a range of products that suits the fenestration requirement of superior architecture – be it a home or an institution. Apart from the Fenesta designs to with stand high wind speeds in high rises as well as heavy monsoon areas (mentioned above) we have introduced doors with stunning designs to compliment any architecture. These custom-crafted doors not only look great but add security and comfort to any space. The Slide and Fold doors merge gardens and terraces with living spaces that help to bring more of the outdoors in. Fenesta doors are practical too. Made of uPVC or GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) Fenesta doors are far superior to the traditional doors in durability and functionality. Besides this, they are very low on maintenance. The customized doors give customers the the finest hardware and options of choosing special glass for comfort and aesthetic.

WFM: Please tell us about some of the challenges you face?

Anand Shriram : A challenge that remains in this industry in India is of site issues and construction practices. Old construction practices would require wooden system /frame to be made and installed at site and thereafter the finishing is done after construction is completed (plaster, paint etc). Fenesta window, being a factory made and finished product, requires fitment at the completion of construction, however in practice, this is not being followed which leads to window damage in terms of aesthetics and performance. We at Fenesta have also been upgrading our services in terms of installation of the windows, taking customer needs and feedback on an ongoing basis.

WFM: What is the way forward? Where do you see your company and the Industry in the next 10 years?

Anand Shriram : India has also taken a forward leap in the fenestration product technology. The rising demand for energy-efficient buildings and aspirations led to innovations in the quality, design and texture of windows.
We see the market maturing over a period of time. Quality conscious and consistent performers with a focus on the end consumers is there to stay.The potential is huge in the Indian market, but creating quality awareness among consumers is important. The industry will grow manifold and we will gain as a result of this as well. For Fenesta, every customer is important, be it a home owner, institution or an office project. Fenesta is a brand deeply committed to quality. Having brought to the market a modern, well-designed product, the company is determined to retain its first-mover advantage and build on the reputation it has created for itself.

The company’s professional approach can be seen right from the time a client selects the design, through the various stages – site survey, fabrication, delivery, installation and, if need arises, service. It believes that word-of-mouth is its greatest asset and it will continue to bank on this for today’s sale as it will for tomorrows.

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