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By: | July 21 , 2022

As the market for facades is switching its gears from medium rise structures to high rises up to 100 stories; today the industry requires more of right product information and façade education and faces the dearth of link among architects, developers and contractors. Glazingshopee.com is the online single stop solution for façade related information, education, business opportunity, searching new jobs, and forums. The idea is a brain child of Prashant Thakkar, a leading façade consultant with 20 years of experience in façade industry.

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Sunrise at Mumbai

Glazing is always a dynamic process affected by lots of parameters like weather, sound, location, size of the structure, design aesthetics so hazard free, healthy building should be a prime concern. We have to keep balance between traditional values with current trends. When it comes to doing something unique, industry faces hurdles of identifying supply chain management to achieve a unique façade structures.

For e.g. Sunrise in Mumbai – The project was conceived by the Ar. Jayendra Patel and as a consultant the challenge of Glazing shopee.com was to achieve a façade with 3D design visible on outer surface. This is a unique project in India in terms of partial double glazed unit where the outer glass is suspended.

Similar project which is currently underway is Quorum at Raipur, concept of Arris Architects Mumbai. The firm ensured that the quality of the material used and the performance of the double glass was up to the marked standards.

Quorum at Raipur (under development)

While doing such outstanding projects, an idea of creating an online site emerged where anyone related to the façade industry can share his views or can have the ideas for the betterment of the projects or have the one roof solutions for all types of specific requirements. Thus the portal glazingshopee.com came in to being, as an online medium between the buyer and seller, giving the visitors, the right kind of information from raw materials to finished goods and giving equal opportunity to all the concerned parties. The role of the portal is to reduce the gap by just acting as a catalyst.

Many of vendors like Ashai, Kawneer, Pilkington, Osaka, Hilti, Bow pentagon, Uptwiga, Aludecor, Vm Zinc, Archintex, Timex Bond, Alstrong, GE Silicones, Diamond Engineering & Lavaal being proactive to this venture . They have joined hands for the advancement of the glazingshopee.com to give better and better quality results.

Very soon the portal shall have user friendly mobile application for easy access to the portal and also our engineers are in the process of developing software related to glass energy efficiency, wind load calculations, basic structural calculations which can help architects and contractors on their daily basic requirements.

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