What is an Adhesive?

By: | November 15 , 2022

Adhesive is a synthetic compound that bonds two surfaces. It is a non-metallic liquid substance which changes from a liquid to a solid state to bind materials together by means of adhesive and cohesive forces. They have a wide range of use in the construction industry, footwear, Packaging, Woodwork, Cloth, Automotive, Industrial use etc. to name a few.

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It is applied on one surface or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation. With this method it is able to distribute stress more efficiently across the joint.

They could be segregated into reactive or non-reactive adhesives. Some adhesives chemically react in order to harden.

The disadvantage of adhesive is that there is decreased stability at high temperatures and it could be weak in bonding large objects with a small bonding surface area.

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