Guide to Knowing All About Door Knobs

By: | November 23 , 2022
Types of Door Knobs

What is Door Knob?

A door knob, commonly known as a door handle, is a kind of hardware that acts like jewelry for a room. Without them, your gate, as well as your room, seems incomplete. The crucial function of the pull is to open and close the gate. For both interior and exterior gates, a handle exists. It is available in numerous designs according to the requirements of the particular entrance and its usage.

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Whether it is your office or your residence gate handle adds an aesthetic to the entrance. These handles are made of different materials like porcelain, cut glass, wood, brass, bronze, etc. There are many varieties available in the market. This door knob buying guide will help you choose the correct one that will be perfect for your gate.

What are the Types?

They come in varied categories and colors which are installed for both left and right-handed users. Here are certain types specified that will help you understand the diversity of knobs.

  • Dummy – These are a kind of handle that is installed just for show. They are fake ones that are fixed on the surface of the gate on both sides. They function by the pull or push exerted by the opener. They do not have any locking system. Generally, these handles are fixed in tiny rooms, pantries, and interior rooms.
  • Passage – They are also known as unkeyed locks and are somewhat similar to the dummy ones. They also do not have a locking system and are used to open and close gates, especially for the rooms. The demand for this kind of lock is mainly for closets and rooms that do not need any privacy bars.
  • Keyed entry – These kinds of handles have a lock on either side of the entrance for safety purposes. The significant use of these locks is in the exterior portions, like the front gates. These keyed locks have a twist tool that works as you turn the handle to fasten or unfasten the gate. In some keyed locks, some buttons function as you turn them.
  • Lever – The gates that are installed with lever handles are easy to use. They are available in different sizes and colors. They are found on French entrances. This kind of access is useful for disabled users too.
  • Handle sets – The handle set locks are available with a keyhole and a handle and are put in the external gates. They, too, have a lever handle fixed so that it is easy to open. It is muchly distinguished as he comes in attractive designs.

Door Knobs Styles to Choose From?

There are many types of styles that you can choose from as you find Door Knobs. Some of them are :

  • Rustic: The rustic ones have a look like those of country houses. If you prefer farmhouse-adorned entrances, you can easily choose from various ranch-styled structures.
  • Classic: They are mostly shaped spherically or round and provide a comfortable grip. It is effortless and is traditional. They fit in any gate in your home. They are widely available in the market and are easily replaceable.
  • Antique: The antique ones have a vintage look and add to the aesthetic of your gate. They give an aged look that is quite a popular choice these days.
  • Modern: These handles are not only simple but sleek with a natural finish and serve your purpose if you want a simple touch-up in your interior.

Different Types of Door Knob Finishes

They are available in different finishes that suit the texture of your room. Some of the available types are:

  • Bronze: You will get an oil-rubbed bronze finish on these handles.
  • Nickel: These have a textured look and go well with your furnished interior.
  • Black: They have a classy look that is an excellent choice for minimally decorated houses.
  • Chrome: They have a polished appearance that suits the modern interior.
  • Brass: They are available in glossy finishes that go well with traditional gates.
  • Stainless steel: They do not rust and are much more durable, which is used for exteriors.
  • Copper: They come in an elegant finish and stop the spread of microorganisms due to their metallic property.
  • Zinc: They are durable and do not rust easily as alloy prevents it from doing so.

How to Choose Door knobs?

While choosing handles before buying, you should keep in mind certain factors. They can be enlisted as follows:

  • You should keep in mind the design of your room and its texture and the design of the entrance before choosing the handle.
  • If you have gates with the same design throughout the house, then also you need to think about whether you want the same designed handle throughout the house or not and choose.
  • You should also see the finishes and varieties of colors before choosing.
  • If you select a handle for the front entrance, you must select one with a secure lock.
  • For bathroom and bedroom gates, you must check out privacy locks while choosing.
  • You also keep in mind the type of handle you want before you decide.
  • You must also keep in mind the quality of the handle and your budget while selecting an entrance handle.

Best brand door knobs

Ozone is the most promising brand that you can trust when choosing gate pulls. They offer a wide range of handles from which you can choose. Not only is it pocket friendly but also a quality maintained product that you can get from Ozone.

You can select handles from a large variety of product types and materials with different finishing. Buy products of Ozone from McCoy mart to avail of huge discounts.

Where to Buy door knobs?

Keeping in mind the Doorknob size and style, you can buy quality products online at McCoyMart. Though you can get them at the market, you can avail discounts and offers on your purchase if you buy online from McCoyMart.

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