Veneer vs Laminate: What Should you Choose for Interior Finish

By: | August 18 , 2022
veneer vs laminate

Veneer vs laminate : the battle continues

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Ha! Ha! Ha! That is the question
Veneer is real, real really wood
And laminate is tough
Man made celebrity in,
Its own right….
Choose according to your
Use your needs and your finesse
In getting this here and
Getting this there…

So, you got some of the story, right! Carry on dodging some more facts into your system to make your final decision on which way to go with what and how you wanna use it and where?

Veneer is a thin layer of real hard wood atop some, little less expensive material like plywood.

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Laminate on the other hand is a printed kind of surface which is `made ` to look like real wood but is mostly made of plastic and is bound together on a composite base.

Now we go a bit further with each material.

Laminate is man made. Stronger and resistant to heat and scratches. Easier to make, so cheaper. One hitch with it is that you will not get that many natural variations and the real grainy effect of wood as you would with veneer. But the possibility in terms of colour is tremendous…

Veneer, is a natural material, with more variations possible. It takes more labour to make so is more expensive. It is softer,yes. But then it gives in to scratches and dents. So you must use deskpads and coasters for your stuff to keep the surface neat and smooth.

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Laminate is normally called Sunmica in India.

Let`s tell you a bit more.

Laminate is available in many colours and shades classified or grouped as textural, high gloss, soft and matte. The textural ones replicate wood or stone. High gloss or matte you can tailor to your own needs. They are much more durable. Easy to maintain, waterproof but lack uniqueness.

Veneers on the other hand can be called raw, paperbacked, phenolic backed, laid up or reconstructed veneer and wood on wood.

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It needs to be polished to provide distinction and have a good feel. It is not scratch proof.

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Laminates are a better choice for kitchen cabinets.

Veneer is better for the drawing room furniture, laminates are more stylish and good as focal points when distinction and polish needed. Another way of looking at laminates is:

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1 Thermo fused.
2 High pressure laminates.
Thermo fused: Least expensive laminate. It uses paper with a wood design to a base of particle overboard. The quantity of material is less so it’s cheaper than the others.

High pressure laminates: It uses a paper design like T.F.L. but the pattern is bound together with multiple sheets of kraftspaper and binding it to particle board. Since its more layered it is more expensive.
Reception areas and executive offices will be grateful for veneer desks.

When you are making a statement, but for a working space laminate is good as it is scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

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