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By: | February 08 , 2024

Popular kitchen chimney sizes in India:

Chimney sizeStove sizeBrands Name
60 cm chimney size2 to 4 burners stoveKaff Kitchen Chimney
90 cm chimney size3 to 5 burners stoveFaber Kitchen Chimney

Chimneys in the cooking room have evolved as an essential apparatus in many families. It enables you to eradicate fume and unsafe moisture and grease elements that are generated while cooking. An outstanding vent is required to eliminate unwanted oil particles and toxic gas and prevent your cooking room from becoming a gas chamber! The dimensions of the vent count vastly as they take much space to be fitted in.

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But, before you buy a chimney, you should consider and measure the dimensions of your cooking station and you should also know the Kitchen chimney dimensions before purchasing. Some tips would prove fruitful if you follow them. Some of the tips are discussed below that will help you to buy proper vents.

There are multiple chimney options available in India, but when it comes to sizes there are 2 popular kitchen chimney sizes 60 cm & 90 cm that are readily available in 2 to 5 burner options in the Indian market, but it’s not just about the chimney size, you have to also factor in your kitchen dimensions, stove size and cooking habits. A piece of general advice is if your stove has less than 5 burners then the 60 cm option may fulfill your requirement otherwise you should consider the 90 cm option which provides robust functionality & can manage smoke more efficiently.

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Types of Mount

The Chimney standard size will rely on the type of mount of the vent. Two types of mounts are accessible in the market: the wall-mounted vents and the ceiling-mounted vents. The wall-mounted vents are the most commonly used models in the cooking room. They are fixed on the wall that is adjoining the gas oven. Only one side of the vent is fixated to the wall, which supports the whole appliance.  On the other hand, the ceiling-mounted vents are used in large cooking rooms as they require much space to be suspended. They are hung directly from the ceiling above the gas oven.

The Capacity of Air Suction

One of the initial works of a cooking room vent is to remove the grease, smoke and purify the air. It also prevents your cooking room to turn into a heat chamber. The air suction capacity of a vent is measured in cubic meters per hour. The Electric chimney size should be proportional to the dimension of the cooking room. The perfect vent for your cooking room should be competent enough to cleanse air at least ten times in an hour.

You can use a formula to calculate the suction power that your cooking room vent should have. The formula that would help you calculate this is – length x breadth x height x number of times air should be cleaned every hour. For example, if your cooking room space measures 5m x 5m x 2m, then the volume comes to 50 m3. Now, the number of times the air should be cleaned every hour is ten times. So multiply 50 with 10. You will get 500 m3/hr. This will be the least suction power that is needed for your cooking room.

Size of the Kitchen Chimney

Generally, in the market, the cooking room vents are accessible in 60 cm and 90 cm dimensions, you can also refer to Kitchen chimney size in feet. The dimension of your vent depends on two things-

  • Size of your gas oven

Install a chimney with a width that fits your stove. The kitchen chimney should always be the same size as the stove or greater than the stove. To prevent smoke or odors from escaping, the size of the gas oven should be able to cover the whole hob. Furthermore, you should place it directly over the stove.

  • Size of your kitchen

It would be best if you also kept in mind that the vent dimension should not be less than the size of your gas oven. It has to be bigger than the measurement of your gas oven. Being big will help to engulf and eliminate the foul odor and oil. If you have a kitchen chimney small size than the stove, then some fumes might escape from being abducted.

Look at the following measurements to understand which is the vent dimension required for your cooking station.

  • Gas oven – Two to Four burners: 60 cm duct

Some experts advise that the size of your chimney should be more than the size of your stove. For instance, if your cooktop is 60 cm broad, your chimney should be at least 65 cm wide. Doing this doesn’t need to be particularly large to effectively collect all of the odor, gas, and grease. For a cooktop with two to four burners, a 60-centimeter-wide chimney is enough.

  • Gas oven – Three to five ducts: 90 cm duct

Commonly, a two or four-burner gas stove requires a 60 cm kitchen vent. It is the standard size that should be chosen by you while purchasing. However, if you have a big kitchen and have a gas stove with three burners or five burners, you will require a 90cm kitchen duct to eliminate smoke and oil particles from your cooking room. If you don’t follow the standard dimensions and buy a kitchen duct, then you might face the issue of improper smoke ventilation in your cooking station.

Popular Kitchen Chimney Brands Price List & Discount

Kitchen ChimneyBrandsDiscount
 Hood Glassy 3D T2S2 LTW Kitchen Chimney – 90 cm Faber 40% off
 Nevio 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney with Baffle Filter Hindware 30% off
 ELBAA BF DHC Black Dry Heat Auto Clean Technology Kitchen Chimney (Matt Black Finish) – Heavy duty Baffle Filter – 60 cm Kaff 36% off
 CH Regal 60 Auto Clean DX Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney – 60 cm Sunflame 48% off


Having the perfect vent for your cloning room is very important. Beyond adding decor to your room, it will make your cooking station clean by removing oil and smoke. However, this is only possible when you buy a duct that is perfect for your stove. Ensure that you keep in mind the above-discussed factors before choosing and purchasing a vent.

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