What is PVDF Coating?

By: | November 02 , 2022

PVDF (Polyvinyledene Fluoride) is a thermoplastic polymer that is non-reactive in nature and is widely used as a coating in the chemical industry and the construction industry.PVDF resins are the raw material used to manufacture PVDF based coatings.

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PVDF is being widely used in the façade industry to develop highly sustainable and durable lightweight materials for building cladding purpose. PVDF is also reflective in nature and is used as roof coatings; as a consequence it substantially decreases the temperature of the roof and improves the overall thermal efficiency of the building.PVDF reduces the amount of heat that is absorbed by the external roof surface.

The characteristics of PVDF coatings are –

  • They have very good abrasion properties and are resistant to wear and tear.
  • Do not react with most of the solvents, acids and chemicals hence are used to coat chemical processing equipment.
  • Durable and does not allow moisture penetration.
  • Weather Resistant and retains the original colour and gloss of external cladding materials for a very long span of time.
  • PVDF maintains the temperature and considerably reduces the expansion and contraction of the materials on which they are coated.

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