The global designs and textures for Indian skylines

By: | September 21 , 2022

The collaboration between Euramax and Eurobond has reshaped the Indian construction industry. Together, these two companies have developed some groundbreaking products for the construction industry with their combined technical knowledge and determination. Since its inception, Eurobond has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium Composite Panels in the country.

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Eurobond and Euramax have teamed up to create cutting-edge ACPs of different series, which are both functional as well as beautiful.

Timeless Designs Series:

The series is complemented by the elegance of natural finish to add to the aesthetics of the structure. This dirt and scratch-resistant ACPs have various uses, and they come in different ranges: The Elegant Carbon Range, The True Touch Range, The Natural Brush Range, The Magnificent Metal Range, and The Classic Solid Range. A truly timeless ACPs to create everlasting beauty for your structures.

Glamourous Jewels Series:

In the Glamourous Jewels Series, the ACPs are designed to have a jewel-like look. The jewel-like look of the ACPs result in luxurious-looking interiors and exteriors. Distinguished by its jewel-like appearance, this series has a 20-year warranty and comes in a range of colours, textures, and styles for glamourous interiors and exteriors.

Authentic Textures Series:

The authentic texture of ACPs in this series has been sophisticated, using European technology to add a rustic look to the spaces. The series includes two designs -Rough Textures and Fine Textures to enhance the look of your structures.

Zinc Reinvented Series:

The ACPs of this series offers the inherent benefit of Aluminum and the artistic effect of zinc. This low-weight Zinc finish ACP is a combination of both beauty and longevity, thanks to the weatherproofing features of zinc and the intrinsic benefit of aluminum.

The collaboration of the industry leaders has changed the way Indian skylines used to look. These ACPs have reinvented the structures with their attractive look and feel. The world-class features of these panels perfectly elevate the appearance of different structures and spaces. Available in a variety of colors, textures, finishes, and patterns, these series are a sure way of adding elegance and a contemporary look. Be it commercial or personal space, the ACPs of these series are excellent cladding materials to build exceptional structures.

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