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By: | November 17 , 2021
Buy Door Hardware Online

Probably the most important additions and furniture in a home are the doors. They act as passageways, but they can also keep a home secure and add to the overall aesthetic of every room. They are also long-lasting and require less maintenance if they are of good quality, which emphasizes their importance. Door hardware comes in so many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and finding the right one to fit your home can become a hassle. At McCoyMart, you can access it all in one place to ensure you’re choosing a product that perfectly fits with the style you’re looking for.

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There’s so much to choose from – handles, sets, knobs, sliders, closers, aldrops, hinges, and locks. On our website, you will be able to access some of the best products, all in one place, at unbeatable prices.

Whatever your requirement – antique door hardware or kitchen door hardware, we have specific categories for you to choose from, to make your search more customized and simpler.

Door Handles

Finding the right door grip is a must as it can facilitate more effortless movement for opening and closing.

These come in a wide range of styles for sliding door hardware or folding door hardware and a variety of finishes for you to choose according to your preferences. We have a multitude of options, including antique brass, antique matte, gold PVD, satin, stainless steel, zirconium, etc. The styles of these door grips are also in a class of their own, allowing you to complement your interior decor with ease.

Our door handles can be easily purchased online, and we will be able to deliver it to you as per convenience. Further, we only work with the best brands such as Hardwyn, Godrej, Ozone Overseas, and Kich.

Door closer

These are the hardware that is mounted onto doors and generally comes with electromagnetic door frames and closer. This glass door hardware allows doors to close automatically once they are opened. These are found in many offices and buildings, and they play a significant role in facilitating better security and safety within premises.

At McCoy Mart, you can access a bunch of stylish door closers that can spruce up your home’s safety aspect. Apart from just closing doors automatically, there are many other functions that the door closer provides, based on the style you opt for. It can prevent the door from getting damaged, chipped, or scratched as well.

You can opt for a variety of door closers in our store, but they mainly come in two types –

Concealed closers – This is a type of door closer that is used for those doors which see a lot of traffic. Front doors of buildings and offices prefer concealed door closers, and they can be used only on doors which open double side or one side and are preferred by people for their stylish finish.

Surface-Mounted closers – This is another common type of closer that is used in the industry. It comes in four different styles: the slide-track arm, parallel-arm, regular arm surface, and the top jamb mounted. It doesn’t require any special preparation or equipment and can be installed with ease.

Manual v Automatic

Most commercial door hardware work in the manual method and stores the energy in the spring whenever a door is opened. The moment the door is moved to close, the suspended energy is released from the coil to close the door. They are also known as spring, magnetic or even parallel-arm door closer. There are oil-filled hydraulic dampers used to control the speed at which the manual door closer closes.

These automatic and heavy-duty door closers functions with the help of closing and opening doors via some form of control. This can be in the form of a motion detector or push-button. Most automatic door closers employ a proximity detector that helps determine when it is safer to close the door.

Door hinges

These are accessories that help hold the door remain intact in its place. You can purchase them according to the type that’s best suited for your space on our portal. We have hooks for all types, from bathroom door hardware to other styles, and we also offer options for customization based on your requirement.

You can view the technical details on the store by hovering over the product and clicking for more information. We have everything available for you from the color, finishing, construction, load capacity, sizes, models, and types. We offer a 7-day return and two years warranty as well. We have a range of hinges from Hafele, Hettich, Godrej, and you can also choose from types such as hidden, wooden, folding, metal, steel, or antique hinges.

Thus, you can head over to our store and choose the style of door hardware that perfectly fits your decor and style. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any queries, and we will be more than happy to fulfill them. We work with only the best brands, and with the McCoy Mart guarantee, you are sure to have long-lasting and durable products for all your hardware needs. Use our smart filters to find exactly what you want and purchase products that fit your budget perfectly.

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