Best Times to Change Your Door Locks

By: | September 27 , 2022
Best Times to Change Your Door Locks

Your door lock is one of the most secure and used possessions in the home. It safeguards your house and also ensures there are no predators who can enter at any time.

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There can also be times when these door locks can give way, and it can be unsettling for any house owner or tenant during this situation.

You’d ideally not want your locks to compromise when you’re away which can end up putting your home in grave danger even when you think the house is securely locked. The best decision you can make is to change your entrance locks for enhanced security.

Keeping the above in mind, we suggest you opt for front door locks that are secure and aren’t easy to break. The best way to ensure that is by choosing known brands in the space, such as McCoy 8M, Godrej, Ozone, or Harrison, and luckily for you, at McCoy Mart, we’ve stocked up on the best brands for main door locks.

If you’re wondering when’s a good time you can change your door locks, certain factors influence that decision, including –

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Moving – When you move to a new flat, there are generally a lot of risks involved with who can trespass into your property. You perhaps purchased a new place or even rented one, and if you settle in and not change the keys, you’re putting your home at risk.

There’s no record of who lived earlier and who has spare keys, so it’s always better to purchase a brand new set. When you move to a new place, check for all the bathroom door locks and other rooms and replace them with new sets.

The same rule applies when you purchase a new house, too, where the locks should be changed immediately, and you must keep track of who has the keys.

Stolen or lost keys

Stolen or lost keys – No doubt, this is one of the best times that you can opt for changing locks. Check all heavy-duty cylindrical locks because they might not be as heavy-duty as you think if someone’s stolen the keys.

In case this happens, the first thing you need to do is change the locks immediately. Don’t pin hopes on someone recovering them or also continuing living with the missing key as you can end up putting your home at tremendous risk.

Strangers can access locks even when you’re away, so change the locks because there are high chances that there might be someone monitoring your absence and might use this opportunity to break in. Whenever you lose your keys, ensure you change the locks, so you don’t fall into the same trap.

Old locks

Old locks – Sometimes, your old locks might just not provide adequate protection to your home. There are home tools that can quickly drill through your locks and allow predators in. Your locks come with a lifespan no matter how good they are, and by replacing them, you can save yourself any stress with opening or locking your door.

Some old locks are easier to be tampered with as they get worn out. Sturdier lock setups can provide enhanced safety when you’re on vacation or at work. It gives you a feeling of peace, too, when you know your locks are sturdy.

It’s time to upgrade your locks to a mortise lock or a secure stainless steel cylindrical lock when the time comes.


Renovations – Renovations require contractors to work with you, and they, too, can gain access. As they work in your absence, you never know who can enter and get the keys. It’s better to change the set once the process is done and make sure you factor that in while buying manufacturing supplies for your home.

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Tips to Ensure Safer Door Locks

Here are a few tips before you change your locks –

  • Measure the dimension of the existing hole before getting yourself a lock that replaces the older one. The new lock needs to fit the right dimensions for the door and the hole currently in place.
  • When it comes to purchasing a lock, the range of sizes is vast and if you do not know the measurement of your existing lock, chances are your new fittings might be incorrect for your door. You have to be aware of the existing locks’ sizes before you buy one that fits the dimensions. Opting for the same brand is an excellent way to go about it because you will get newer locks that retrofit correctly.
  • Once you purchase the lock, you must have a new bolt that needs to be tightened with the help of the screws provided. Inserting the bolt requires you to use the outside edge to slide in and fasten the same with screws.
  • The exterior and interior plates need to be connected, and this can be done with long screws that come attached directly to the locks. They can be used to fuse the interior and exterior base plate tightly. Before you do so, the lock cylinder must be correctly connected with the deadbolt and tighten it with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Once you’re done fixing the door lock, some of them might feature decorative base plates. These can be attached in the final phase when you correctly place the lock and arrange it tightly. Make sure you clean your locks regularly to avoid rusting or chipping of any kind.

Thus, changing your door locks isn’t a process that you should entertain when they’re worn-out or old, as is the popular belief, but based on multiple scenarios and situations. These factors can play a significant role in deciding whether to opt for a new lock.

In case you experience these situations, it’s essential that you don’t hesitate when it comes to changing door locks and keeping your homes safe.

With McCoy Mart, you can access a multitude of options with only the best brands on our site. We will be able to provide you options for locks that fit your budget and your needs perfectly. You could also get smart door locks that you won’t need to change the keys for as they provide keyless entry with better security.

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