Types of Door Material Used in Indian Homes

By: | September 22 , 2022

The doors in your house have many more purposes than simply being practical components that are open and close to offering protection and privacy. Whether it’s the entrance, the garage, or the interior ones, it should have a fashionable appearance and go in with the style of your house. For your gates, you may choose from a variety of selections. You may pick the best one among them based on your needs.

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How can Door Materials set a Tone for the House?

The entrance to your house is typically the first point of contact with the space and people beyond it. It establishes the tone for your home and influences how visitors arrive and interact with it. After all, first impressions are everything, and the entrance can undoubtedly set the tone for the remainder of the room. However, selecting the proper front for a modern home may be challenging, especially with many architectural options. Before making that selection, it is critical to understand the options and how they may convert the front entrance into a design statement.

Choosing the correct one frequently begins with determining the matter best suits a home’s architecture.

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Types of Door Material

1. Solid Core timber doors:


Wood creates a sturdy core matter for a gate. Composite wood elements are crammed into its center. As a result, it is highly durable. Commercial buildings with offices and resident suite entrances are where these are most commonly employed. The entry of your house may be the right place for these, which come in various colors and designs like the other kinds.


  • These can be modified with various add-ons, including fastening, locks, and glass viewing panes.
  • They can provide far better resistance to forced entrance and durability.
  • Enhanced insulation for your houses is an interesting advantage of this type.

2. Aluminum Doors:


Aluminum is a cost-effective, sturdy, lightweight, and long-lasting material. Both interior and exterior gates for the garage or garden shed can be utilized with it. Its lightweight is rarely used for the main entrance since it requires a more durable and robust element. Aluminum doors can be painted in any color to match the rest of the home, much like wood and fiberglass.


  • The advantage of aluminum frames is their resistance to extreme weather.
  • They interchange fewer loads with the base since they are lightweight.
  • Aluminum frames last longer since they are not affected by termites.
  • Products composed of aluminum have a long lifespan.

3. Steel doors:


Nothing compares to the strength and hardness of steel when comparing the other elements if safety is your top priority. To make steel doors as sturdy as possible, two panels of steel are often sandwiched by an insulating foam layer. This substance is frequently utilized for the front entrance or even the frames of screens and grilles since it is recognized to provide security.


  • They require little upkeep because they are sturdy.
  • They come in lovely colors with various wood grain finishings.
  • These may always be used in situations when security is a top priority.
  • They function well in terms of energy efficiency to optimize the quantity of energy within your house or space.

4. Glass doors:


These are the most popular option for offices for a variety of reasons. The ability of these to maximize natural light penetration and save power bills is one of its most evident benefits. Glass doors can also provide workplaces with a more polished and professional appearance while giving employees a beautiful view from the inside.


  • They have the benefits of being highly robust and easy to clean.
  • Glass does not rust, corrode, or gather dirt and filth.
  • It makes it simple to view what’s outside. You’ll spend less time and effort opening and shutting it.

5. UPVC or Vinyl doors:


Although UPVC is most frequently seen in glass frames, it may also be utilized to build a sturdy, lightweight entryway. UPVC is an excellent material for exteriors of all kinds since it offers strong insulation and can withstand extremely high temperatures without cracking. There are sheets of this synthetic material that are both flexible and hard. Rigid UPVC might work effectively for a primary entrance since it provides security.


  • Multipoint locking ensures the safety and security of a property.
  • It is attractive due to its assortment of colors and sizes.
  • It is durable and requires little upkeep.
  • Strong while yet being reasonably priced.
  • It is strong and water resistant.

6. Hollow Core doors:


It is the best option if you want a gate that resembles wood but is lighter and less costly. For stability, the exterior surface of this type features a honeycomb cardboard sheet in the center, which is often made of plywood, laminate, or vinyl sheets. The cardboard does a little soundproofing, but not nearly as much as solid core wood ones. Due to its lower cost than wood, this type is typically utilized for the interior.


  • These are not only exceedingly lightweight, but they are also simple to install.
  • These are among the most economical styles if you ever find yourself with a limited budget.
  • They are effective in maintaining seclusion in the interior spaces of the house.

7. Fiberglass doors:

Fiberglass is a relatively recent addition to the market that is quickly gaining popularity as a material for gates since it is incredibly robust and can be put in any environment. They are robust, impermeable, non-porous, and resistant to dents and scratches. When painted or stained, almost any color or finish may be applied to the material. Even the appearance of wood may be achieved with it.


  • Gates made of fiberglass are both pet-friendly and successfully resistant to extreme weather.
  • Cleaning fiberglass with a moist cloth to get rid of dust and filth is all required to maintain it.
  • Greater versatility in terms of aesthetics is provided by fiberglass.

8. Leadlight doors and stained glass doors:


Leadlight and stained glass are frequently used as a front entrance in homes as they offer a lovely interplay of light and color. Depending on the angle of the light, they draw attention upon arrival and may emit a beautiful and shifting color scheme down the corridor. In certain older homes, interior gates to common areas (such as the living room) may occasionally have leadlight insets.


  • Numerous design possibilities are available for leadlight ones.
  • Having them in your property will draw purchasers who prioritize this fascinating niche.
  • A robust double frame is included with leadlights. Its glass is strong and long-lasting.

9. Mirrored doors:


Due to their usefulness, mirrored ones are frequently utilized in many residences. By blending into the furniture’s style, they help you conserve room. They fit better in some spaces than others. You can use it on the cupboards and closets to bring light into the room and create a comfortable, airy feeling. Understanding how to strategically place mirrors to maximize natural light in a space is the key to a successful interior design.


  • They make your room seem much larger and much more spacious.
  • They add unique identity and style to your space.
  • They improve the aesthetic appeal and overall look of your space.
  • It makes any room appear more contemporary.
  • It brings good energy to a room.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Door

The entryway to your house must effortlessly fit your property and even blend in with the décor because your home is important in many ways. Before purchasing it for the inside or outside of your home, you should consider the following five crucial considerations.

The atmosphere and area in which you live.

The ideal type for your house will shield it from the elements all year long and keep draughts out. Exterior types are often made of fiberglass, steel, and wood. The majority of contemporary systems will use at least two of these materials. Many homeowners choose new ones without considering the local weather conditions.

Your budget

When considering replacing your entryway, be aware of your budget because home renovations and additions may get pricey. Determine the characteristics you desire so that you are aware of your top priorities. You may limit your search alternatives by being aware of your budget.

Maintenance of Material

Having low maintenance requirements in light of shifting environmental conditions is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind when purchasing it. When dealing with water or drought difficulties, the material threshold is crucial since poor-quality or improperly built ones won’t be able to tolerate the situation for very long, leading to various concerns down the road.

Life of Material

They must be strong and long-lasting to handle shifting environmental conditions effectively. One should consider whether the material is strong enough and has a long shelf life before choosing among options like wood, steel, fiberglass, or even imitation wood.

Level of Customization you require

The style and appearance of your interiors are essential when selecting them, even though material type needs to be your priority. You can customize some types to match the décor or are offered in various colors. Use online design tools to purchase the desired product or a comparable style.

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