8 Types of sliding doors perfect for homes & offices

By: | November 22 , 2022

People nowadays look for different types of sliding doors when selecting an entrance for there homes or offices because entrances are the main elements which play an important role in our homes, but choosing a sliding door as an entry point can change the entire view of the structure whether you plan to revamp your home or want to replace an old door. They are often frequently overlooked but are more crucial to interior and exterior design. They enhance the other elements of the house that are already there.

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We will make you understand the different types of sliding entrances that enable you to make an informed choice.

What are sliding doors?

These are the entrances that open and close in a gliding mechanism. A fixed pane and lower track or glide are used to open and close the gates. In most sliding entrance arrangements, one gate is fixed, and the other is movable.

With the help of these entryways, you can connect your inside and outside spaces and let wonderful natural light in.

Sliding doors vs. Normal doors

Each type of normal entryway has several enticing characteristics, which makes them unique in their way. Standard entrances come in various designs, including French gates, Louver gates, and passage gates. Casements are also quite famous since they open and close like regular ones.

While Sliding is often self-explanatory. They open and close in a gliding mechanism along the rolling track. When it comes down to them, you’ll have to decide which design you want, how many panels you want, and whether it will fit in the space available. It may not always perform as well as a regular gate, even if practically any type of gate can be fitted in a space.

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Interior uses of sliding doors

  • They serve as room entrances or as an entryway to the patio, balcony, etc.
  • They aid your home’s interior design overall in addition to dividing rooms. Different sizes and designs are available.
  • These are high-quality aluminum, making them far more enduring than standard gates.

Exterior uses of sliding doors

  • These are often the ones that serve as a home’s entrance. They are robust and able to withstand the difficulties the outer environment presents.
  • Since it is the primary entrance to the house, they offer security.
  • These are primarily made of wood and are also treated to survive for a longer time.

Types of Sliding Doors

  • Bypass doors
  • Pocket sliding doors
  • Sliding bi-fold doors
  • Patio sliding doors
  • Sliding french doors
  • Shoji doors
  • Accordion or folding doors
  • Barn Doors

Out of all the many types of entrances, they boost your home’s style factor the most. They have a horizontal opening and can be used both inside and outside. Several varieties available in the market are given below:

Bypass doors


Bypass doors are ideal for use in a closet or bathroom. They work well in compact spaces and can be opened by pushing the gate to one side. These are available in wood or glass.

They are simple to install and operate, with tracks at the top and bottom of the gate. These entryways have grown in popularity as one of the more affordable solutions.

Pocket sliding doors

Pocket sliding doors

Pocket sliding doors are ideal for compact spaces or people who do not want larger entrances. They feature no hinges. When the gateways are opened, they disappear into the house’s wall. They are made of various materials and are very comfortable to use. They also have a more personalized appearance than regular gates.

Sliding bi-fold doors

Sliding bi-fold doors

These entryways split in half when they are opened. They are not very good at saving space in the home, although taking up more room than hinged entrances.

In residences, these are most frequently utilized as pantry and closet gates. They offer a useful solution to separate sections while maintaining a visual link.

Patio sliding doors

Patio sliding doors

Beautiful patio gates are available in a variety of exotic styles. They are usually installed in gardens, patios, terraces, etc, due to their aesthetically appealing look. They are made of glass so that you can see the patio well. It also aids in maintaining good ventilation in the rooms. Once a few adjustments are made to the entryway, installing patio gates is equally straightforward.

Sliding french doors

sliding french doors

The French entrance is one of the most popular and well-liked types of entryway. In addition to the more common ones that open and close on hinges. If you want this product’s adaptability but don’t have enough room for it, being able to slide them would be the ideal option.

Shoji doors

Shoji doors

These first originated in Japan. They enhance the home’s aesthetic value; for that reason, people have begun praising this entrance’s distinctive design, which is constructed of wood and paper.

They don’t use glass as the panes, which is why they appear so different from the other gates. Installing these entrances may be a little challenging if expert assistance is not sought. Utilizing these gives the home a traditional appearance.

Accordion or folding doors

Accordion or folding doors

Of all the alternatives, these are the least expensive. The entrance opens and slides to the side, just like its name suggests. You can pick from a variety of designs and colors for them.

Comparatively speaking, these are hanging. They look aesthetically appealing, and they are also simple to install. These entryways are useful whenever there is a need to cover several entryways on a tight budget.

Barn Doors

barn doors

Rural areas frequently have barn entrances. They come in a variety of designs, but they are trendy. Once an upper track and a lower groove are carved out of the entryway, these gates can be easily installed. Access to the room will be significantly easier than a hinged gate. They are resistant to outside influences.

How to choose your sliding doors?

You can choose the ideal entrances for your home by being aware of the many internal and external entrances. It’s critical to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of the various entryway types. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to consider the installation price, upkeep for the entrance, and the necessary level of protection. Ensure that the entrance’s design and color align with the rest of the house. Overall, the entryway’s safety and beauty will depend on its quality.

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