Know about the Various Types of Door Handle you can Shop

By: | November 28 , 2022

There are various types of door handles available in the market . A door handle is not only necessary for opening and closing a door but also adds a finishing touch to it. It improves the aesthetics of any space, whether at home or work. There are numerous types on the market. As a consequence, you have plenty of options. Understanding the mechanisms of the various types will assist you in selecting the one that best suits your needs. Here are the list and details of the different types of Door Handle you can use for your home or office.

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Learn about the different types of door handles you can choose from

C Type

C Type Door Handle

As the name suggests, a C type door handle looks like a C attached to the door and has a pull grip. You need to pull or push the gate with these grips to open or close it. They are made from sturdy materials as they need to bear the weight of the gate when pulled. You will find their use mostly in houses, though commercial places often have this type of grip installed in the gates.

D Type

C Type Door Handle

Unlike the previous type, the D type door handle also looks like the alphabet D and is very common in apartments, houses, and offices. They have an easy grip and are effortless to pull or push. You can use them without any hindrance. They are found in numerous designs. Besides that, it is also a hold that follows the mechanism of pull grips. They are commonly used in internal doors that do not require latching.

H Type

H type Door Handle

The H type door handle is very common for glass gates. They are fixed on either side of the gate and look like the alphabet H. Unlike the other two types, this grip also follows the pull mechanism. They are sturdy as they can hold the weight of the gate when opened or closed. Apart from that, they are straightforward to use and available in different designs. They are used in front-facing gates and main gates of corporate houses and other commercial estates. They are also used in various types of shops too.

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Lever Type

Lever Type Door Handle

Lever Latch is the most commonly used for both residential and commercial applications. The two variants are lever on backplate and lever on rose. The name “lever on the backplate” refers to the presence of a lever on a backplate. The backplate can be curved, square, or any shape you desire. The basic Lever Lock on the backplate has a backplate lever that operates a spindle.

When the grip is pushed down to open, the tubular spindle is pushed inside the latch. A keyhole on the backplate of a lever lock allows a key to be passed through to lock it. The rose on a lever rose handle is circular or square in shape to cover the point where it is attached. This Lever Privacy hold is smaller than a lever on the backplate. This causes the latch to open and close. For added security, the lock can also be fixed. A smooth finish is provided by lever rose ones.

These grips are commonly used on front doors, as they provide security besides helping you control the door.

Square Door Handle


These contemporary handles are much smaller than back-plates due to square rose mounts. It operates on a simple mechanism, and you only have to push the grip down to open it. To provide additional security, the locks can be paired with latches on these hafts; however, they are typically operated by a latch. These are usually combined with a thumb turn lock or a gate lock and escutcheon (keyhole cover) to make it look neater and tidy.

Pull Handle


These are fantastic options for gates that open inward without latching. They come in various forms and are attached externally to the entryway. They come in three styles: curved, straight-edged, and T handles with extensions at the ends to give them a more linear appearance. These are most frequently used on sliding gates, integrated into the entryway to produce a flush finish that permits entrances to move into openings without resistance. They are frequently favored over other varieties of grips due to their simplicity and usability.

Glass Door Handle


These are utilized in areas where the glassware entrances are employed. To make them simple to open and close, these are arranged vertically. These are frequently used in businesses and workplaces because they make the interiors classy. With locking systems, there are choices for securing entryways. These can be found in various patterns and colors to enhance the look of your entrance. Since they must fit on glass objects, these must be created carefully and precisely.

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Mortise Door Handle


Mortises are one of the most popular grips used in home and workplace security. It has a lock body, which fits into the thickness of the gateway, and the Cylinder Lock are its two main component pieces. They fit front entryways flawlessly and are frequently found on back entrances. They can be installed in many locations like bedrooms, main entrances, and store rooms. You might also put a mortise lock on your bathroom, bedroom, and other gates for further privacy.

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Handle Door knobs


They’ve been around for centuries and are typically spherical. You can use them to unlock latches by rotating, and they can be combined with locks for security if desired. They are available in various forms and styles, from stylish and more modern stainless steel and polished chrome doorknobs to ancient cast iron door knobs for usage in traditional and historical structures. Along with typical doorknobs, you may also buy center ones, which are more ornamental and give your front gate a feature.

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