All About Different Types Door Handle Locks

By: | September 01 , 2022

Once you fix a door, you need a lock to protect it. Various kinds of the gate door handle lock are different from one another due to safety levels and categories. There are multiple gates for which you do not need latches, and there are some for which latches are mandatory. Whatever gate you may be shutting, like the front or pocket or cabinet gate, you need the best clasps that can ensure your property’s proper safety.

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How to Pick Door Handle Lock

To keep your household and belongings, protected entrance clasps are the most critical and essential part of your residence. You need to choose the right type of shuts when you visit a hardware store as there are many shapes, sizes, and designs of cinches.

Our best guide will help you choose from several kinds of pins for your interior or exterior exits. Our guide will also help you to look at different features and then buy accordingly. The following are the parameters and types that you can follow while picking the perfect entrance handle latch.

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Parts of Door Locks

You need to know about the different parts of the gate latches so that you may understand them separately if one of the parts stops working correctly. You also need to understand them because you will know how one part helps the other part work. The factors discussed here are the general ones that you will find in all latches.


The part of the cinch where the key is inserted is known as the cylinder. If the key does not fit in the cylinder, then your curl will not open. Even if a slight overturn happens, the bar will not unfasten. Numerous springs are present in the cylinder, which properly makes the key mechanism work.

As the key moves into the cylinder, the spring to move in. Sometimes you can repair or restore the cylinder if the kink does not work correctly. It is easy to do so as it is not that expensive. There are two types of cylinders:

  • Double cylinder
  • Single cylinder


As soon as the keys fit in the cylinder, the inside pins move, which is known as a clasp. It is the portion of the mechanism which goes in and out and keeps the house safe. There are two types of fasteners:


Deadbolt locks are the most secure ones that can be used. The cylinder is designed in such a way that it will not open without the correct key. They are safer and durable than any other kind.

Spring bolt

A very tiny clip is the primary mechanism behind the spring bolts. As the key is rotated, the line moves, compressing the clip that unfastens the bolt.

Strike Plate

The strike plate’s function is to hold the lock and attach it to the frame of the passage. It is the easiest part of the mechanism which can be changed easily if it gets damaged as it is only attached to the frame.

Types of Door Handle Locks

There are numerous locks that you can use for the security of your home and other purposes too. But between them, some entrance handle seals are better for the exterior gates as they provide more protection than the other types. There are latches for interior entrances like the closet and bathroom.

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They help you to keep others out only. Certain pins can be fastened only from inside or only from outside. There are some which can be secured from both sides too. The following are different types of patches from which you can choose and purchase:

  • Doorknob closes up – They are the very ordinary type of coils available and that you can see in houses. They are mostly used in the interior of places like corridor ways, bathrooms, bedrooms. The shutting mechanism is within the knob, which can be fastened and unfastened from both sides. They are available in both single and double cylinders.
  • Handle set rivet – They have handles that are situated on the exterior of the gate. It is available either as a twist knob or a keyed knob. It has the mechanism of the deadbolt more than the spring bolts. They can assure extra security which is suitable to use in the entrance of your house.
  • Hand lever pin – They are most suitable for the interior ways like the basement or the closets. They have a mechanism of a hand lever and a twist knob on either side of the opening. They are not an ideal choice for your main gate as they do not provide high security. But it is easy to open, and thus if you traverse from one room carrying laundry or other items to another place, these gates are useful.
  • Deadbolts – They are quite distinct from other mechanisms of the fence knobs, which adds an extra layer of security to the home. Many use both fence knobs and deadbolts to ensure strict security at their property.
  • Barrel fasteners – They are a kind of latch that ensures safety when you are inside your home. It has two parts: the portion attached to the frame and the portion, which is the main shutting unit, present on the entrance. It has a cylindrical pin.
  • Chain rivets – They are widely seen in hotels, yet it is also traced in multi-story flats too. A chain cinch’s benefit is that it enables you to open the door narrowly keeping the door half-closed yet greet someone.
  • Smart fastener – They do not require curls and keys. They have keypads or cards which are used to plug. They are plugged by using codes and other smart features.

Best Door Handle Locks Brand

Ozone – It is one of the most promising brands that provide you with handle latches and latches. You can buy these products from McCoy Mart at affordable prices. The brand has a wide range of door control hardware from which you can choose the one you desire.

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