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Glass doors are stylish and aesthetically pleasing and are widely used as front doors in offices, shops and other commercial establishments. Glass doors are also used in homes as patio or back doors. Cabinets especially the ones used to showcase trophies and awards also use glass doors. The designs of the glass doors make them blend in well with the surroundings and also reduce the weight. Apart from aesthetics, the glass door must be able to provide good security as well. Thus, one of the main requirements of a glass door is a lock. Buy Glass Door Locks Online from top brands (ozone glass door lock, dorma glass door lock, enox glass door lock, yale glass door lock, hafele glass door lock etc) also choose types of glass door locks (glass door automatic lock, bathroom glass door lock, single glass door lock) with sizes 12mm glass door lock with 23% discount at McCoy Mart. The modern glass door lock blends in well with the glass door and has a stylish design to complement the overall look of the glass door.

Some of the common types of locks used for glass doors have been discussed here.

Cam Lock

Cam locks are used to secure glass doors. These are cheap locks which are very easy to install. Cam lock has a cylinder with a piece of metal called cam attached to the base. When the key is inserted into the cylinder through the keyhole and rotated, the cam also rotates with the key to lock or unlock the door. The cam is usually straight or hooked in shape. This is a simple kind of glass door lock which is not suitable for glass doors in highly secure places.


Deadbolt style lock is a suitable sliding glass door lock. Due to its high reliability and strength, it is also a preferred double glass door lock. The deadbolt lock can either be a single cylinder or double cylinder variety. The cylinder accepts the key which in turn operates the bolt which locks and unlocks the door. Single cylinder deadbolt lock accepts key only from the external part of the lock and has a twist knob on its interior part. Thus, a glass door with single cylinder deadbolt can be locked with a key from outside and by twisting the knob from inside. In case of a double cylinder deadbolt lock, both the external and internal part of the lock needs key to lock the door and there is no twist knob.

Glass to Glass Door

A glass to glass door lock has a slot for key on one side and a knob on the other side, slot for keys on both the sides, knobs on both the sides or just a single key locking system on one side. One can easily install this glass door lock without drilling and cutouts in the glass.

Combination Lock

Combination lock can be used for both hinged as well as sliding glass doors. The lock has single or multiple dials containing numbers or letters which need to be rotated to get a certain combination in order to lock the door. Apart from analog variety, digital glass door lock is also available in the market. In the digital version, you need to enter the number or letter code in the digital keypad to lock and unlock the door. The code can be changed whenever desired.

Handle Lock

Glass door handle come in a variety of designs such as hook, clamp, flush mount, etc. A glass handle door with lock can have an europrofile cylinder lock, mortise lock or an internal lock that is present on the backside of the handle.

Bottom Lock

The following types of glass door bottom lock are available in the market.
  • Thumb turn lock which secures the door to the wall or floor
  • Centre patch lock which requires a key on one side
  • One side corner lock with a thumb turn knob for locking on one side
  • Corner patch lock with euro profile cylinder

You need to measure the thickness of the glass door and take the level of security that you need into consideration before you venture to buy glass door lock. The best glass door lock is the one which is suitable for your glass door and fits your budget. You can also look for glass door lock online to get the best rates.

The glass door lock price depends upon its type, material, security features, brand and also the thickness of the glass door for which it is required. For example, the price of a deadbolt 12mm glass door lock made of stainless steel can be anything between Rs 800 to Rs 1000 and above. The brand value of the manufacturer also has a significant effect on glass door lock price in india.

Glass Door Lock Price List

Glass Door LockPrices
Ozone Rectangular Glass Door Lock with Magnetic Strike Plate (OZ-MGL-33S)
Rs. 11,658
Ozone Square Glass door Lock with Magnetic Strike Plate - Satin Stainless Steel
Rs. 8,054
Ozone Square Bathroom Glass Door Lock With Magnetic Strike Plate (With WC Indicator) - Satin Stainless Steel
Rs. 8,054