What are the applications of adhesives in the Construction Industry?

By: | May 20 , 2022

Adhesives have a very important role and have various uses in the construction industry. It has a very wide market and a number of applications.

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    • It is used in the adhesion of Ceramic Tiles.
    • Used in Carpet laying.
    • Counter top Lamination and fixing of laminates and veneers on furniture in the interiors.
    • Adhesives are used as the bonding layer for floor fixing between the existing floor and the substrate.
    • It is used in the fixing of Drywall  Lamination
    • It finds its use in HVAC  e. Heating, Ventilation and  Air Conditioning
    • They are mixed in the cement used for Joints.
    • They are very useful in Manufactured Housing or pre-fabricated housing.
    • Fixing of Pre-finished Panels.
    • Fixing of Vinyl or Resilient Flooring.
    • It is used in the fixing of Roofing systems and Roof tiles.
    • They are used in surface preparation and application of Wall Covering or Wall Papers.

The construction industry includes construction materials & building materials

The Trends Will Impact the Construction Industry in the Future:

  • More Technological Integration
  • Increase in Prefabrication
  • Additional Focus on Sustainability
  • Slow Growth
  • Rising Material Costs

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