What are the disadvantages of adhesives?

By: | August 09 , 2022

The use of adhesives has lot of advantages over other bonding techniques and materials but also have a number of drawbacks or disadvantages like

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Disadvantages of Adhesives

  1. Adhesive

    Curing Time

      • The final strength of the adhesive bond is achieved only after curing. The adhesive needs a particular wait time to solidify before bonding two materials.

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  2. Resistance to Temperature

    • Adhesives are polymer based materials and have an average resistance to high temperature. However silicone based adhesives are more resistant to very high temperatures.
  3. Ageing

    • The long term strength of adhesive bonding depends on various physical and chemical actions in the environment such as ultraviolet light and presence of moisture. Some adhesives do not alter against ultraviolet light while others break down in the presence of this radiation.
  4. Surface Preparation

    • Good cleaning and surface preparation is required prior to the application of the adhesive so as to achieve good adhesion between the adhesive and the substrate.
  5. Safety and Environment

      • Adhesives are chemical compounds hence it is necessary to prevent human exposure to these chemicals during the time of application. Some adhesives react with the substrate and are not good for inhaling. All necessary precautions should be taken while working with the adhesives.

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