What are the types of mortar?

    By August 17 , 2016

    There are different types of mortar that are made using different proportions of cement, lime, sand and water. They have different compressive strengths based on a 28 day cure period and are used in different areas accordingly.

    The different types of Mortar and their uses are.

    • Type M Mortar – This is the highest strength mortar having a strength of 2500psi.It is majorly used in areas where high compressive mortar strength is required like high load bearing retaining walls.
    • Type S Mortar – This is a medium strength mortar having strength of 1800 psi.It is used in cantilever walls, load bearing walls having normal to moderate loading.
    • Type N Mortar – This is the most commonly used mortar having a compressive strength of 750 psi. It is an all-purpose mortar and is used for joining brick and stone masonry walls.
    • Type O Mortar –This is a weak mortar having a low compressive strength of 350 psi. It is used in interior  non-load bearing walls and in repair work
    • Type K Mortar -t has the least compressive strength and is used for restoration and preservation of historical projects. The mortar is so weak that it does not damage the historical stones.