What are the types of structural clay products that are used in Building Construction?

By: | May 18 , 2020
Structural Clay
Structural Clay

Structural Clay is a widely used material in the construction Industry. It is a recyclable and sustainable product, it is fire resistant and the color ranges from light brown to burnt red.

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Clay Products Used in the Construction Industry

Structural clay products are very cost effective and the various types of clay products used in the construction industry are –

    • Brick – Brick is extensively used in the construction of the external and internal walls of the building where they are joined with cement plaster.
    • Terracotta – It is used as a roofing material and external natural tile cladding material to create the feel of exposed brick work.
    • Hollow Block Tile – These tiles are used to create the external walls of the building and are very good insulators of sound and heat.
    • Paver Blocks – These Blocks are used in driveways and landscaped gardens. They are light in weight, strong and are usually in the form of interlocking tiles.
    • Brick Glazed Tile – Glazed brick tiles are used as an external cladding material so as to give the look of exposed brick work. The surface is glazed so as to give a nice shine to the cladding.
    • Roofing Material – Clay is used as roofing material in many houses having sloped roofs. This prevents the entry of water into the interiors. It is mainly used in areas having heavy rainfall.

Clay products used in building construction

Benefits of clay building materials:

  • Clay building materials are simply more convincing.
  • Clay retains the inherent strength, durability and economy that made it the building material of choice over centuries.
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Aesthetic
  • Economic

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