What is Bathroom hardware and accessories?

By: | September 27 , 2022

The hardware that is used in bathrooms is known as Bathroom hardware. They include –

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Faucets Faucet is a hand operated valve which is used to regulate the flow of water or any liquid. Taps are also known as faucets with which the flow of water could be turned on or off.

Showers A shower is an overhead perforated nozzle through which water comes out. One can stand below it and take a bath. The flow of water from the shower is controlled by a faucet.

Bath Tubs – A Bathtub is a permanent fixture in the bathroom in which a person can lie down and take bath. It is usually made in acrylic.

Holders – They are the bathroom accessories which include tissue holders, towel holders and  toothbrush holders.

Shelves They could be in SS, glass or a combination of steel and glass  used for keeping various toiletries.

Mirrors – The viewing mirror usually placed over the wash basin.

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