What is compressed wood made of?

By: | October 18 , 2022
  • Compressed wood is a product make of recyclable materials which include small pieces of wood , sawdust ,wood shavings all glued together with resins or other bonding agents. The use of resins does not make compressed board as eco-friendly as solid wood.
  • The material is combined and compressed under high pressure to create compressed wood boards. This increases the strength, resistance and durability of the compressed wood. The boards are prone to water and moisture and gets damaged and loses its strength when exposed to the same.
  • The material is very cost effective hence it is becoming a very popular for fabricating furniture in very beautiful designs.
  • Compressed wood is not strong enough to carry heavy loads as plywood. In case the strength has to be increased the thickness of the board has to be increased accordingly.
  • Particle Boards and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) boards are examples of compressed wood.They are covered with a laminate film which replicates veneers or stone designs and then boards are cut through machines to manufacture furniture.
  • Since the boards comprise of very small wood particles they have to be machine cut otherwise there can be lack of good finish.

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