What is Metal Extrusion?

By: | July 07 , 2022
  • Metal extrusions are used for manufacturing rods, hollow pipes, and other cross-sectional metal lengths.
  • In metal extrusion, the metal work piece of larger diameter is forced into a dye and forcefully extruded through a piece of smaller diameter. The product that is extruded is of uniform cross-section, density, and thickness.
  • The Ram of the machinery continuously moves and extrudes the metal through the dye. The length of the extrusion depends upon the quantity of infill material. The last bit of the extruded product is called ‘Butt end’ which is cut at the end of the dye.
  • Aluminium is a very good product for metal extrusion. Copper, Tin, Magnesium and Zinc can also be extruded metals.

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